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    4 Reasons Why Outsourcing Web Development Helps Your Business

    Nowadays, there’s no better way for a business to obtain new customers and showcase products and services than opting for a corporate website. With a decent web presence, it’s much easier for a company to expand and cover new markets or to grow in an already occupied one.

    But most businesses don’t have a team of in-house developers, designers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers to create their website from the ground-up. A proper solution is to order website development services from a third-party development team. Outsourcing model is gaining momentum across the globe as it possesses with a range of benefits for businesses. Running projects with such an approach gives companies a budget-saving effect and allow them to focus on their core business tasks. Plus, in this way companies absorb new expertise and insights from the hired team.

    Well here are four reasons why this option, outsourcing web development, is getting more popular day by day:


    1. You can focus on your business

    Every vocation has its professionals, and focus is the thing separating a pro from a jack-of-all-trades. When you shift your focus to hiring in-house developers to your company, management of their work, and finding the best architectural solutions, you risk loosening your grip on the core business area. Just let yourself and your employees do what you’re good at. Acquire new customers, cover new markets, expand in general while the professionals take care of the technical stuff.


    1. Better expertise

    When you hire random developers to your team, they all have a different experience. But they all have something in common – it’s most likely that they haven’t been on a lot of web development projects throughout their career, and a lot of these projects don’t match with each other’s expertise. On the other hand, when you hire an offshore team with a proven history, you can be sure that your project would not be in the first dozen of the completed ones. And also, do consider that in the latter case, you can find info on the previous projects done by the given company.


    1. No additional expenses and stresses

    Software development is a resource-demanding field. Developers need their salaries, development environment, a place to work in, stable work of the servers, and so on. To centralize the management of all these needs is one of the major reasons why developers gather in teams and create whole software development companies. And if you want to set up all the required equipment, working processes, and a strong team from the ground-up on your own, you may need a couple of extra years for that. And hardly any business has that time to waste.


    1. Fast and efficient

    If a dedicated team of experienced developers is involved in a custom application development, the process will definitely go quickly and smoothly. And in the business world, time equals money. If you provide a team with accurate requirements, you can be sure that your project will be created and thoroughly tested in time. Some companies give you an opportunity to make changes throughout the development process, so when the release date comes, your application is made exactly as you want.

    The work of programs is entirely dependent on the server on which the site is located, and on which version of a particular language is supported. The server programming languages include PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, any .NET programming language (ASP.NET technology), Java, Groovy.

    An essential aspect of the work of server languages is the possibility of organizing direct interaction with a database management system (or DBMS) – a database server in which information is stored in an orderly manner that can be called at any time. There’s an eternally open discussion about what language is the best. The truth is there is no clear answer – different technologies just fit different functions. However, almost 80% of all websites we build on PHP as a backend language, as it’s a flexible technology with a lot of free libraries, frameworks, content management systems, and ready-made solutions.

    Different industries have different needs, but there are thousands of outsourcing IT companies throughout the world that provide outsource PHP development services to meet all of them.

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