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    3 Reasons why Magento is the Best Platform for your e-Commerce Website

    While there are tons of CMSs out there, only a handful seem to stick with users, and Magento is one of them. Since its inception, Magento has become the gold standard for e-commerce websites and businesses big and small have gone with the platform to power their websites.

    Major companies like Vizio, Nike, Nestle, Lenovo, Olympus, and Samsung have used it and it is the number one platform for e-commerce sites worldwide. But what’s so extraordinary about Magento and why is it so popular? In this article, we’re going to give you a few reasons why every e-commerce business owners should consider making the switch to Magento.


    It’s Open Source

    The community edition of Magento is completely free and with the right development team, you can really supercharge the code and add a whole host of new functionalities and features by using a variety of Magento extensions. You can find these extensions on the Magento connect marketplace and the library is constantly expanding.

    Another advantage of open source platforms is the huge community that backs them. There is an army of developers worldwide working around the clock to ensure that the platform is constantly up to date, fast and secure. And the community will be more than happy to help you with any issues 24/7.

    However, it doesn’t mean that just any developer can help you with your Magento website. Ideally, you want to work with a certified team. They can help you want to get the most out of your applications and ensure your site runs smoothly. Teams like Magento By Bing Digital have Magento certified developers who understand Magento apps and code in and out and will allow you to create a great looking site tailor-made for your business. They’ll also help you scale up your business and update your site as your business grows.


    Made for eCommerce

    While a lot of people will try and cut corners and build their e-commerce site on WordPress or Drupal, none of these platforms were made for e-commerce. These are basic CMSs that can be modified to do e-commerce, but they don’t come with the same set of features as Magento. Magento already comes loaded with tons of specs and features needed to create a fully functional e-commerce site.


    High Performance

    When it comes to site performance, Magento is hard to beat. Magento beats every other e-commerce platform when it comes to factors like query processing time and page loading speeds for instance.

    And page loading times are extremely important these days. Not only are they important to provide the best user experience to your audience and for conversion, but they have a huge influence on search engine results as well. Slow sites usually have higher bounce rates and site performance is also something that search engines use to rank sites. So, if you want to increase the chances of your site ranking, go with Magento.



    As you can see, Magento has tons of things going for it and is a great e-commerce platform for businesses of all sizes. So, make sure that you check everything Magento has to offer and consider making the move if you haven’t already done so.

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