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    15 Useful CSS Snippets Every Web Designer Should Have

    Every website consists of a markup language called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) that describes the contents on the page and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) that represents how the content should be displayed in browsers and other user agents.

    The current version of CSS which is CSS3 is already out extending the features of CSS2.1 to help developers and designers creating complex style editing without markup language, complex scripting or any extra images.

    With so many ideas and trends out in the industry, it is difficult for website designers and developers to cope with feasible solutions using extra HTML codes, but thanks to CSS that such complex ideas are made possible through which one can implement new styles to the website and give it an attractive look. There are a huge number of CSS snippets out there that every website designer should have in his / her bag. Let us take a look at best of 15 CSS snippets that every website designer should have


    1. Registration & Login card UI forms

    A fancy UI card for login page that can be used to sign-in and sign-up as well. When you click on login button, the card goes to the background and login screen card comes to the front. Clicking on back button brings the registration screen back into view. This css snippet was designed by Tommaso Poletti. This new and improved login UI can surely give your website a new look and feel.

    You can find all the code from GitHub through below link.

    Registration & Login Card UI




    2. Responsive Calendar in Fluent Design

    A new responsive calendar has been designed in Microsoft’s new fluent design language. This is designed by Tom. You can drag the calendar to any size required, add something you want to remember. Microsoft’s fluent design system is the latest update in development for look-and-feel. It will replace the Metro design language. This calendar is going to replace current outdated calendar designs in market.

    You can download the source code through below GITHUB link





    3. Jagged Edge Accordion Tabs

    Usually, tabs are rectangular in shape but let’s introduce you to a new and cool CSS snippet by Nikita Jadhao that re-imagines the accordion tabs with an unusual design. All the tabs have a jagged end that gives an attractive and new look. Such jiggered tab look can be used in a blog or a website providing a list through different tabs. You can get this attractive CSS source code through GITHUB.

    Responsive UI Tabs Using CSS





    4. Image Glitch Effect

    Now giving a glitch effect to your images would not be nail biting for your website designers. A new glitch snippet has been introduced by Yoichi Obayashi. Glitch effect is also termed as distortion effect. This effect is placed on top of the image created using ‘three.js’. This glitch effect can be used on live video feed as well or something similar on your webpage.

    Please go through below link to get the source code for this effect.




    5. Various Text Styles in CSS

    Below are some of the simple text effects one can create in CSS. Now you don’t need to write code for these effects anymore, just save this source code and use it on any text you want to give effect to. These are designed by Matt Schneider. The styles are as below:

    • Outline
    • Engraved
    • Embosses
    • Rainbow Shadow
    • White Border Sticker
    • Thick Shadow

    Edit on CodePen



    6. UI for Password Validation

    Let’s introduce you to new stylish password validation. Sasha Tran designed a simple UI for password validation. Before submitting the password there are 3 criteria that the password should pass.

    • 1 lowercase character
    • 1 uppercase character
    • 6 minimum characters

    This password validator is written in JavaScript with CSS and you can customize its behavior according to your requirements like if you want to add more validation points except for uppercase and lowercase. The best part of the UI is that once your qualify any validator, the validator is crossed out in the login form and once all validators are crossed over, the submit button becomes active.

    Please find the link to source code of this beautiful login UI.




    7. Modal Sidebar Toggle Button

    We always want to show some contents on the sidebar but if you want to show it only when some action is called then surely it will be like cracking a hard nut for you but not now anymore. A new sidebar snippet has been developed in which you can show contents and also hide it until user clicks a button to show its contents.

    This snippet is designed by Kye Hohenberger that you surely want to put in your bag and use it in your next project. Currently the modal sidebar slides in from left and reveals the hidden content although you can still change its behavior according to your needs.

    Edit on CodePen


    8. 360 degree image viewer

    360 degree pictures is a new trend in the industry and fitting the correct one in website is not easy. If you want to add a 360 degree image viewer on the front or at the background to your website you can use this snippet. This snippet is created by Sten Hougaard.

    For the same, you would be needing a 360 degree image and a kaleidoscope viewer. Visitors can click and drag through mouse on the image to move it around. Kaleidoscope is an easily embeddable, lightweight, dependency-free 360 degree image viewer.

    Below is the link to the source code for 360 degree image viewer.




    9. Vertical Full-Width Mobile Navigation Menu Transition Effect

    Here is the new mobile navigation menu in full-width which you will like to add to your next mobile project for sure. If you ever used a full-width mobile navigation menu in your mobile site but felt the need for an animation move to the menus than your wait is over for easy to use CSS snippet.

    This snippet is developed by Tyler Sticka in which animation is activated once a user clicks on the menu. When you click on one of the menu items it moves to the right then slides away from view to the left. There are also triggers for delayed animation for other menu items creating a fancy animation effect. This is also termed as Staggered Menu Transition.

    You can try the archived copy of the source code through GITHUB using below link.




    10. Sold Out Sign for E-Commerce Websites

    If you have an e-commerce website and want to inform your visitors that a particular product if sold out using some stylish sold out UI than you don’t need to write complex code for it anymore. This snippet will come in handy for such situations. You can add this sold out UI anywhere you want to place on your website like on the buy button or the shopping cart icon.
    If you would like to use this sold out UI, please go through below link to use the source code.




    11. Client Showcase using CardUI

    Earlier we used to just write client names with their respective company logos in our clientele list.  That is totally outdated now in terms of writing client names. A new CardUI client showcase has been developed which can give a new stylish look to the portfolio section of your website.

    This new stylish CardUI has been developed by Jared. A list of logos is arranged horizontally and you can choose from two effects, one when you hover over a logo the inactive ones goes a bit dull and the other where they stay the same.

    On hover, you get a tooltip like a card section hat has a bunch of links which will showcase a series of images that one can hover.

    If you want to implement this snippet in your website, Please follow the below link for source code.

    Client List Showcase CSS UI





    12. Text Styles As a Poster

    Ever wanted to convert your text into a poster? It is always a difficult one to implement using markup language but not now. With this CSS snippet, you just need to write your text and that’s all.

    This text effect is designed to look like a poster. This is developed by Bart Veneman.

    Please click the below link for the source code.




    13. Image Box Overlay with Caption

    Now you don’t need to write complex code to put an image box with a caption at its border. This CSS snippet would fall correctly in your requirement. You just need to download the source code and customize it accordingly. This design is developed by Rico Sta. Cruz.

    Please find below link for the source code.




    14. Pure CSS Vertical Line

    Ever wanted to showcase some information like company history in the vertical section but your designers failed to give it a wow look then your wait is over now. With this new CSS snippet, you can make awesome vertical lines.

    As an example, you can showcase your company history year by year with some text attached with every year. As always source code is easily customizable as per your requirements.

    Here is the link to this awesome CSS vertical line snippet.




    15. Concentric Circles Navigation Menu

    This is an experimental navigation menu by Bennett Feely. When you click on the menu button on the top right it expands into a series of concentric circles to display the navigation menu, you can click on it again to collapse the menu.

    Link to the css snippet is as below.



    Try out these awesome CSS snippet hacks and make your website stand out among your competitors.

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