One Click Transfer from one phone to another
One Click Transfer from one phone to another

The Smartphone industry is growing at a rapid rate and almost every week a new smartphone is announced by the Manufacturers with many new improved features and that to keep ourselves updated with technology we Changes our Smartphones. Buying a new smartphone is easy but However, moving data like Contacts, Text Messages, Apps etc. from old phone to new one is never been an easy job specially when we shift from Android to iOS or vice versa, but no to solve this headache we have a Free tool named “WonderShare MobileTrans”

What is MobileTrans ?

WonderShare MobileTrans
WonderShare MobileTrans

MobileTrans is a Software Application capable of transferring all your data – including contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps from One Phone to Another with no data loss.

Currently MobileTrans Supports 3000+ Different phones including Mobiles Operating Systems like Android, Windows, iOS and Symbian.

What Type of Connections can be established with MobileTrans ?

MobileTrans can work on following Networks :-

  • Android to Android
  • Android to iOS
  • Android to Symbian
  • Android to PC
  • iOS to PC
  • iOS to Android
  • iOS to iOS
  • iOS to Symbian
  • Symbian to PC
  • Symbian to Android
  • Symbian to Symbian
  • Symbian to iOS
Transferring Data from one OS to Another
Transferring Data from one OS to Another

Downloading links :-

MobileTrans is Capable with both Windows and Mac PC.

Download for Windows PC :-

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Download MobileTrans for Windows PC

Download for Macintosh :-

Download MobileTrans for Mac


How to use MobileTrans ?

Step 1 :- Firstly download and install Wondershare MobileTrans on your computer.

Step 2 :- Now start the software on the computer and connect two mobile phones to the computer using USB cable and make sure that you have installed proper Drivers for your Mobile Devices.

Step 3 :- The software will automatically detect the mobile phones and will show which content can be transferred from one to another.

Step 4 :- Select the content which you want to transfer to the new phone.

Transferring Data from Android to iOS
Transferring Data from Android to iOS


Step 5 :- Once the selection is complete, hit the “Start Copy” button to start the transfer process. Now sit back and relax.

Wondershare MobileTrans will move all data from source to destination phone. It will take some time depending on the amount of data selected.

If you face any problem then please Comment.


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