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    How to Schedule Messages in WhatsApp Easily Without Root

    Now a days almost every user who owns a smartphone uses WhatsApp for instant messaging, Although everything is quite handy and esily accessible in WhatsApp, but What I don’t like is we can’t Schedule WhatsApp Messages.

    Think of a situation, you are feeling sleepy early tonight and need to wish Birthday to your loved one at 12 a.m sharp. Certainly, you need to stay awake. What if I say, you are all set to Schedule WhatsApp Messages now? Feeling excited? Probably Yes. Just sit back and relax, as we are here with this awesome WhatsApp trick for you.

    Note :- This Trick is only for Android Devices.

    How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages ?

    Step 1 :- There are many app available for scheduling Messages in WhatsApp, i have posted some of the apps that are currently working, you can try any of them.

    Download Scheduler for WhatsApp from Play Store


    Download WhatsApp Scheduler from Play Store


    Download WhatAuto Messages

    all these apps are for scheduling whatsapp messages.

    Step 2 :- After downloading install then in you device.

    Step 3 :- Now select your contact, date and time and then type the message to schedule it.

    WhatsApp Messages Scheduler
    WhatsApp Messages Scheduler

    If you face any problem then please comment below.





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    the first and third link don’t work for the apps


    “…without root” but the only link which works is with root…????


    Hi, How do i schedule for pre-saved broadcast lists?

    social hub media

    Thanks for sharing this blog.This blog explains how to schedule whatsapp message .For more info please visit.