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    How to run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on a Same Device

    Now a days almost every user who owns a smartphone uses WhatsApp for instant messaging and many of us also owns a dual sim smartphone and if you are a dual SIM Android user, you might be willing to enjoy two different WhatsApp account for your two different numbers on your Android. So, lets begin with this tutorial :-

    How to Rum Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Device :-

    Step 1 :-First of all head to the Google Play Store and install “SwitchMe Multiple Accounts” app on your device.

    (Note :- You Need a Rooted device to run SwitchMe app)

    Download SwitchMe App from Play Store

    Step 2 :- Now open SeitchMe app and create two different user profiles for running two different WhatsApp account. These user profiles will have their own own system settings, apps and data.

    Step 3 :- The First user profile you created will work as an Administrator and this account will contain all the apps and data that you are having now. You will be having WhatsApp on this profile if you are using it on your device earlier.

    Step 4 :- The second user profile is the new one, and will contain your Another WhatsApp account.

    Switch to this account—> Set up your phone for this account—> Open Play Store—> Install WhatsApp.

    Step 5 :- Now, register WhatsApp for your second SIM in this second profile.

    That’s it now you can use two different WhatsApp accounts just by switching profile, isn’t that easy na?

    in this way you can also use multiple accounts of various apps like Facebook, Instagram and BBM, etc.

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