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    Maintaining Healthy Guts with Probiotics – The Best Health Tips

    When we talk about improving our bodily health, most of us don’t spend much time in considering the de facto statuses of our winding alimentary canals (and, in particular, the issue of the healthy gut bacteria that happen to line them – and which play a crucial role in curbing the spread of a great number of inflammatory-disease conditions). With a Charter Spectrum bundles subscription, you can access many online resources that illustrate the human digestive tract in astonishing graphical detail.

    The many microorganisms – including a wide array of bacteria and viruses – that permanently inhabit our digestive systems throughout the regular lifespan first make their appearance during the fetal stage; when the developing human baby achieves first-contact with his/her mother’s load of the same intensely-multiplying and largely health-benefitting species.

    Maintaining the right proportion of beneficial gut bacteria (a health digestive-state which probiotic foods greatly aid their consumers in sustaining) to the more harmful strains of the said single-celled organisms is essential – since a greater preponderance/infestation of the latter category can promote the growth of many other kinds of pathogens, and leads to an aggressive immune response that can make the host chronically sick.

    Our modern diets (a large chunk of which owe their production to the industrial and profit-oriented manufacturing workhouses):

    • Come laced with an overwhelming number of food preservatives and flavor additives; all of which prove to be highly corrosive to the epithelial lining of the gut, and contribute to its growing porousness.
    • They also inflict a damaging influence on our taste buds, which thereafter begin to lose their sensitivity in recognizing the subtle tastes of natural foods (and hence our innate yearning for them).
    • These chemical substances – some of which are completely inorganic – are necessary industrial accompaniments because they increase the shelf-life and tastes of the manufactured food products.


    Using Probiotics as a Fail-safe against diminishing Gut Flora

    As with most things in life, the negativity (in terms of the large-scale environmental degradation brought about through the exploits of the global manufacturing industrial machinery) engendered as a result of our indomitable human agency also comes hand-in-hand with the tools needed to check it.

    In our context, the solution to alleviating some of the ravaging influences of the modern dietary regimen comes in the form of probiotics. As their name suggests, probiotic foods and supplements attempt to gradually increase the number of the healthy gut flora by providing them with a powerful combination of the right nutrients and pH environments necessary for thriving and multiplying in.

    The most popular varieties of natural probiotic foods include:

    • Yogurt (and all its derivatives),
    • kefir,
    • tempeh
    • and sauerkraut – among others.

    Humans have been using these fermented consumables ever since dairy-harvesting first came into practice during the Paleolithic age. For people nowadays, who don’t have convenient access to these natural products (or may be allergic to them), synthetic probiotic preparations in over-the-counter capsule, liquid and powder forms come as great purchasable alternatives that happen to be commonly available in many health stores.

    These probiotic food substitutes are considered generally safe and report very few safety concerns, but like all biologically active materials should be taken only under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner.


    Alleviating Inflammation with Probiotics

    The digestive systems of all animal species (and most particularly humans) are designed in a manner which enables them to minutely break down all ingested food particles into their simplest subunits; with glucose sugar being the most-common decomposed form of carbohydrates, and individual fatty and amino acid monomers that of fats and proteins, respectively.

    These digested food materials, through the compound and eroding function of stomach acids and the gut bacteria, as well as the mechanical action of the greater alimentary canal, are thereafter made small enough to allow for their easy passage through the intestinal wall (specifically through the finger-like villi lining the intestinal surface) and into the adjacent capillaries-system (bloodstream). This is the normal mechanism through which all food nutrients make their way to the full spectrum of the body’s rapidly respiring cells and tissues.

    Side Effects of Common Pharmaceutical Compounds

    The regular intake of many preserved foods and pharmaceutical products (like acetaminophen and other NSAIDs used for pain and fever relief), however, makes this system go haywire – because these digestible substances damage the cells lining the inner surfaces of the gut, and cause their pores to widen substantially.

    When this happens, regular food substances that have not yet been properly digested are able to come into contact with the subject’s blood system – provoking an instantaneous immune response. This is because the body’s cellular defense system recognizes these large food particles as foreign bodies, and attempts to prevent them from causing damage to the entire sentient system at large.

    As a result, the host organism afflicted with this condition may suffer from:

    • Periodic fevers,
    • a range of debilitating allergic reactions (resulting in overweight gain and stomach bloating problems),
    • generalized lethargy,
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),
    • joint pains,
    • a ‘Leaky Gut’ and psoriasis,
    • along with many other disconcerting health issues that impair an individual’s day-to-day functionality.

    The use of probiotic agents helps both in preventing the onset and reversing some of the damage accrued by, of all of these physiologically impairing inflammatory conditions. To order some of these vital health compounds, consider placing an order online through the reliable Charter Spectrum TV and Internet service.

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