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    Best Alternative for TeamViewer – Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop

    As we all know that TeamViewer is one of the most popular Software Application program for Remote Desktop Controlling and is available on almost all platforms  including Android and Windows, but this week Google has launched its own application for Remote Desktop Controlling named “Chrome Remote Desktop” which enables you to control your Windows Desktop from another PC or from your Android Smartphone.

    Google Chrome Remote Desktop
    Google Chrome Remote Desktop

    How Chrome Remote Desktop Works ?

    For Chrome Remote Desktop to work you need to have Chrome Browser running on your system, it may be on Windows, Linux or Mac.

    How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop :-

    With Windows

    Step 1 :- First of all download and install Google Chrome Browser on your system and Sign in to it with your Google Account.

    Step 2 :- Now download and install Chrome Remote Desktop Application and be sure to give it Rights requested.

    Step 3 :- Start the software and choose “Remote Assistance” for limited tech support or “My Computers” for full-desktop access

    Step 4 :– Follow the one screen guidance and then Control another PC from your PC.

    With Android

    For Connecting with Android Download Chrome Remote Desktop Application from Play Store, and then follow on screen instructions.

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