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    Best Video Animation Tips by the Animation Experts

    Animation is widely known as the most complex skills to master. It can take years to come up to the mark and make seamless animations. Having said, animation involves more of the moving along with embracing. Animation is not a cup of tea for many, but a process that involves continuous learning and development.

    We have included a list of the best and distinct animation tips that you might have overlooked or not even heard of. On top, these animation tips are worthy and have been driven from some of the leading industry experts.


    Work Remotely

    The motion designer and animator, Paul Clements has been working for the leading animation companies around the world. Interestingly, Paul works in different remote locations worldwide. The reason lies in the fact that continuous interruptions in an office can kill productivity within an animator.

    Paul has stated, “just don’t keep working in an office”. The statement clarified more than what appears. It goes towards motivating the animator. In essence, animators want to achieve inspiration. They want to work in an environment promotes a healthy working environment and superior creativity. Obviously, animators who work at a dull workplace, with colleagues causing distractions every now and then can lead to killing the productivity.

    You must come up with a setting that provides you with utmost comfort. If you aren’t working from a remote location or home, then you must find a desk in the office that frees your mind from distractions, bouncing off the irrelevant ideas effectively.


    Listen Well

    The Veteran animator at Walt Disney, Lino DiSalvo was once the head of animation for the movie “Frozen”. Lino states Feedback serves as an essential part in an animation. You might hold a massive range of animation skills along with a precise attention to detail, however by not requesting feedback from the right set of people, your animation might be missing on the deserving attention.

    Since animators are often encouraged to become creative and go beyond the idea’s boundary. It is essential that you pay attention to the comment you receive. Professionals working at the best Animated Services tend to listen what the audience think about their creation.


    Grab the Audience’s Attention on the First Go

    The experienced video animator Scott Wright has worked for leading animation studios including the DreamWorks. Scott belonged to the team that worked on Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon, Over the Hedge, and others. According to Scott, while creating an animation, you should grab the audience’s attention immediately.

    Among the biggest challenges, an animator will come up with includes grabbing the audience’s attention. Do you know the initial seconds in a video are the crucial ones? Unlike the full-length movies, the initial seconds in the short movies should win over the audience.


    Draw Repeatedly

    Planning plays a key role in video animation. The popular video animator Aaron Blaise suggests that there should be an element of unplanned aspects. However, it does not mean you should start a project with having absolutely nothing in mind. Storyboards are often utilized among the video animators and they serve as the visual aid along with a timeline in an animation.

    Aaron states that the moment you get an idea about an animation, you must keep drawing until it becomes perfect. You should keep on creating the animations until they become what you wanted them to be. In this way, your drawing will become free-flowing and the animations will achieve realistic aspects.


    Accept Constructive Criticism

    You should accept constructive criticism in varied shapes and sizes. You should not feel offended by any constructive criticism. Many times, the personal preference of a person can affect the comments of others. In addition, you shouldn’t feel down due to negative feedback. Having said, people might consider constructive criticism as an opportunity to clear misconceptions. If people give positive feedback on your work, it means you might be going in the right direction.


    Don’t Over Animate

    Among the most commonly faced issues, over animation stands among the prime ones. In essence, animation does not require you to move around something, instead, it means bringing life to the characters. Fresh animators often think if they include more things around, their work will look more realistic.

    Now, if you are animating, think about what needs to be in the animation and how can you create a realistic character. Instead of thinking how a character will move from place to place, think about how it should act at different situations. Only through this way, you will be able to create astounding animations

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