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    Why Quality Printing Is Still Vital in the Age of Digital?

    The digital age is well and truly upon us. Mobile phones are no longer a device only in our pocket, they’re blended with each activity we undertake. While devices are making our lives easier in so many ways, they are also changing the landscape of the printing industry. Presentations, content, and information are now consumable with the click of a button, so printing can sometimes be viewed as unnecessary. High-quality printing, however, is still a vital output for a number of reasons. Finding the right blend of digital and printed media is the best way to achieving your desired outcome, and here’s why.


    We all learn differently

    Going into an important business presentation with laptops or tablets may seem like the environmentally friendly thing to do, but you may not be hitting the mark with your entire audience. Individuals all learn differently, and that is what makes us unique as people. It is important to cater to all those in your audience, especially those that prefer a high-quality print using high-quality inkjet cartridges or something tactile to better absorb and understand the information. Business presentations are also a great leave behind. Allowing your audience an opportunity to continue to learn after you have left, make notes and potentially respond with questions is made much easier with a high-quality print.


    A combination of both

    It can be argued that no one solution is better than the combination of both digital and printed solutions. In fact, the two often complement each other to deliver innovative new solutions. A great example of this new innovation is the development of 3D printing. Printing in years gone by were simple 2D outputs that could struggle to bring to life the story behind the print. With the assistance of technology, 3D printing has changed the way high-quality printing can deliver not only output but an experience at the same time. Physically printing gadgets, houses or even data sets that aid with presentations, 3D printing has changed the way we view printing and the benefits a high-quality print can deliver.


    Personalization and privacy

    In a world of push notifications, email marketing and new levels of spam, there is a growing distrust of digital media and concerns about privacy. Print media plays a vital role in delivering value for organizations direct marketing to their customers. Print marketing is a tangible piece of communication that has the ability to deliver a more personalized experience. Direct mail campaigns are making a comeback due to their personalized nature and the benefit of being a tangible item. Individuals now remember the novelty of getting letters delivered, as opposed to another email in their overcrowded inbox. Businesses can thrive in a competitive market by allowing their digital engine to learn about a customer, then delivering a personalized and tangible communication to their customer’s door.


    Tell the story

    Digital platforms are a great way to quickly and immediately impact a large group of customers. As audience attention spans diminish, however, there is a growing concern that the digital platform isn’t the best place to tell stories or build brand identity. High-quality printing, however, is a great way to reinforce the identity behind a brand. A longer form channel that delivers to a captured audience makes a printed piece much more impactful at telling a story. Printing also allows for a creative execution that forges a memory and emotional connection with the recipient. That sort of impact is hard to come by on a digital channel.

    For years many commentators have thought printing would eventually time out. Instead, the industry has shown its benefits in a number of ways. Individuals and businesses now opt for a mix of both to make sure they create tangible, long-lasting experiences for a wide range of audiences using digital and high-quality prints.

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