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    Why Is The IT Guy Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

    It used to be common for companies to have an in-house IT tech on standby to fix company computers and manage data, but today, smaller companies are deciding to outsource a service to handle all of their IT needs.

    Here are five benefits to ditching your in-house guy for a partnership with an IT solutions company.



    When it comes to payroll, outsourcing saves money. An in-house IT technician requires a full-time salary and benefits, and if the company’s technology is experiencing no issues, it is paying the person to sit and wait just in case a problem arises. Many companies conclude that using a third-party service is less costly. Also, if an in-house IT tech leaves the company, the company has to spend time and resources to find and train a replacement. Outsourcing means a knowledgeable IT tech is always available when needed.


    Around-the-Clock Availability

    Problems with technology often happen at the worst times. An in-house professional will likely have standard Monday through Friday hours and will be unavailable in the event of emergency off-hours.  Outsourced IT services are available 24/7 and can fix the problem before it causes too much damage.



    Another benefit of using an outsourced IT service is that you might find one that specializes in your company’s industry. That can be very helpful when it comes to troubleshooting problems and resolving issues.

    Full-time IT technicians are highly skilled, but even they need outside help from time to time. This is why many people use managed cyber security services. When doing so, a company can access a range of technicians with expertise in all levels of IT.


    Access To Evolving Technology and Updates

    It can be difficult for a single IT person to stay up to date and know everything there is to know about every aspect of IT. Outsourcing your IT concerns to a third party means you have at your hands a team that is continually training in new skills. When new problems arise, a managed service is always going to give you the best chance of resolving them. Linking up with an IT solutions company also means that your business will have access to continuous updates, so rather than relying on out-of-date technology, you will have the latest software and security to help your business run smoothly and protect you from cyber-attacks.



    Increased Security and Recovery In Case of Data Loss

    Your in-house IT technician is just one person with a limited ability to spot security threats. Do you know if your tech is regularly backing up data and actively checking that your security is up to date? If not, your company and your customers could be at risk.

    Cyber threats are a real danger, and their numbers increase daily. An outsourced IT service can protect your data and prevent you from becoming a victim, giving you peace of mind. It is also important to be prepared with a disaster recovery plan. An IT company can help you come up with a plan to keep your data safe and, once established, keep it current and train your employees so they will know how to handle any emergency that arises.

    The small in-house IT guy of the past is quickly becoming outdated. Keeping your company safe and making sure it runs smoothly is easier when using an outsourced IT department.

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