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    What To Consider First When Analyzing Your SEO?

    Whenever a potential customer searches on Google, you want your web pages to be seen on the top results. In this way, you have more chances of promoting your brand, get more visitors to your website, and more sales for your business. So, if you want to know if you have a good SEO strategy in place, you have to perform SEO analysis.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to drive unpaid or organic traffic. When analyzing your SEO, you have to take into consideration some important things.

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    Page Speed: The Faster, The Better

    Even before the algorithm Speed Update of Google, page speed is a major SEO factor, which affects rankings. According to a Google study, more than half of mobile visitors leave a web page that takes over three seconds to load. That’s why page speed increases the bounce rate or the number of visitors visiting a website after viewing a single page.

    Also, it’s crucial to consider page speed because its performance has a direct mark on user experience. When online, the attention span of people tends to decrease because they expect a web page to be reliably fast.

    Here are some suggestions to improve your page speed to help you boost your SEO:

    • Test Page Speed: PageSpeed Insights and similar page speed test engines can provide suggestions to improve your web page speed both for desktop and mobile. You can use this tool to know your page stats and get insights on how to optimize your page.
    • Group Test: Contract multiple users to access your web page and analyze their experiences so you’ll have an idea what other people think about your page speed.
    • Self-Test: Go ahead and test your web page yourself using different devices, like your smartphone, tablet, and desktop or laptop computer.
    • Consult the Experts: If you’re still in doubt of your SEO skills, consult an SEO expert, such as

    Keywords: Match Them With Your Business

    As you already know, keywords play an important role in your SEO performance. Proper placement of words and phrases should be carefully thought of to align with your business. In this way, whenever an online user searches on search engines, like Google, your web pages will pop up on the first page. This will increase your brand visibility, conversions, and sales.

    When analyzing your SEO, keyword research is a must. You have to determine useful keywords that you can also use for your web content. Your aim should be to grow your organic traffic or unpaid traffic, which will attract more loyal visitors and customers, and providing long-term benefits for your business.

    Here are some tips when conducting keyword research:

    • Know What Your Competitors Use: Check what keywords your competitors are using on their web pages so you can also create and adapt your own set of keywords to better optimize your page.
    • Use Keyword Tool: Determine how often a keyword is being searched using a keyword tool, such as Google Keyword Planner, KW finder, and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

    A keyword tool will help you grow your organic traffic because you don’t just use random keywords, but proven effective keywords to attain optimized web pages.

    Backlinks: Increase Your Trust Rating and Credibility

    While one of the most important purposes of SEO is to optimize your website to rank high in search engines, but it’s not enough to establish your credibility and earn a high trust rating among search engines and consumers. Even if you have millions of page views, page visitors, and leads, your metrics will quickly deteriorate without sound backlinks in place. That’s why link building is an important SEO consideration when analyzing your SEO.

    Backlinks are incoming or inbound links, which are links from other websites to your site. Your website can earn links from other websites through news outlets, business directories, and other site partnerships. Search engines will look at how your credible your website is by ranking the number of pages your visitors view, customer reviews, and how long your visitors stay and engage with your site.

    Here are some tips when considering backlinks during your SEO analysis:

    • Use Backlink Tool: You can use a free backlink checker tool to know the following: who links to your website and your competition, building your links, and boosting your traffic.
    • Engage with Influencers: Deal with the right people and partners to promote your website. Influencers refer to people with thousands up to millions of followers on social media or experts on their own craft who can influence a large number of people to visit your website.


    The most important things you have to consider when analyzing your SEO include keywords, backlinks, and page speed. Once you master these SEO aspects, expect better SEO results for your business’ long-term benefits.

    You’ll make your website more optimized, relevant, helpful, and user-friendly that Google and consumers love.

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