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    Ways Technology Is Changing Our Sleep Quality

    Technology has entered every aspect of our lives. We have become dependent on technology to make our life easy and comfortable. However, technology is proving to be boon and bane for our sleep.

    Adequate good quality sleep is an essential component for our physical and mental well-being. Even if you don’t feel that you are having sleep problems because of the use of technology close to bedtime, it may still be harming your quality of sleep. Impact of technology on our sleep may vary from person to person, like for some it may impact thinking not being sharp, or for some, it may be energy level is low, or some may feel a drop in the level of alertness, or for some, it may impact your mood and productivity.

    However, there is also a positive side of technology that helps in achieving good quality sleep. Check out for more information on how sleep functions and products to boost your sleep quality.

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    Negative Impacts of Technology Use On Your Sleep Quality

    1.  Bright Screens

    The blue light from the screen of our electronic gadgets harms our sleep cycle. Melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone, synchronizes the sleep cycle with day-night based on the natural light our brain picks. The blue light from bright screens fool our brain and hurts our sleep cycle.

    2.  Information Overload

    The availability of information easily is good but information overload is not good for the quality of our sleep. Checking social media, news channels or websites overloads us with the information that requires the brain to process more than what it should and increases stress levels and anxiety. High levels of stress and anxiety is a known killer of good quality sleep.

    3.  Unexpected Sounds

    It is not only bright light emitted from your electronic gadgets that can harm your sleep, but even the unexpected sounds from them are also harmful to your sleep as well. When you receive a notification, like e-mail, text messages, etc., your sleep gets disrupted and spoils the quality of your sleep. These unexpected disruptions also lead to higher stress levels which may lead to other health problems like cardiovascular diseases.

    4.  Overstimulation

    Playing video games, watching TV, checking social media does stimulate your brain, etc. result in the release of high levels of adrenaline, which is not good when you do these activities close to your bedtime. Also, these activities result in increasing your stress levels and anxiety which harms your quality of sleep.

    5.  Addiction

    Playing games, accessing social media or news sites or channels can become an addiction and you end up spending too much time on these activities and cutting down on your required amount of adequate sleep. Excessive amounts of time spent on these leads to a negative impact on the quality of sleep as well.

    Positive Impacts of Technology Use On Your Sleep Quality

    1.  Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Technology has brought us orange-tinted glasses that help us to block blue light emitted from the bright screens of electronic gadgets. These glasses help you to keep blue light away that is known to harm the quality of your sleep.

    2.  White noise machine

    This technological wonder is a small electronic device that helps in masking the unwanted noise by playing a consistent, soothing sound in the background.

    Even an electric fan can work as a white noise machine.

    3.  Humidifier

    A humidifier is a device that helps to maintain the moisture level in your bedroom so that you have a comfortable sleep and don’t wake up with skin issues like cracked lips, or rashes.

    4.  Apps to Guide in Meditation and Work-outs

    You can download and use mobile apps that can help you in doing mediation and work-outs. Meditating and exercising are known to help in reducing stress levels and getting rid of anxiety, which in turn helps in improving the quality of your sleep.

    5.  Temperature Controllers

    For sleeping better you need to have a cool temperature in your bedroom. Your thermostat is a gadget that helps you in maintaining a cool temperature. Another technological advancement is that you can have a mobile app to control your thermostat.

    6.  Earplugs

    Earplugs are low technology gadgets that can help you in getting rid of unwanted sounds when you are asleep. Any sound more than 30 decibels level may wake you up and disturb your sleep.


    Technology has its pros and cons, it is a boon that should be used for making your life comfortable and not allow it to become your master. Finally, it depends on you to decide how much technology is good for you so that the quality of your sleep does not fall.

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