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    Top 5 Ways Text-to-Speech is Improving Modern Life

    As we all are already aware of the fact that technological advancements are rapidly taking over the world. These advancements have resulted in easing the lives of common people and enabled us to perform some pretty complicated tasks that once used to take hours or even days of work. Now it’s all possible just with few simple clicks. Text to speed is one such technology that we’re going to talk discuss in this article.

    What is Text-To-Speech?

    Text-To-Speech is a technology that helps in converting written text into a speech that sounds computerized or more natural depending on the software. In 1983, DECtalk released the first version of text-to-speech technology. At this point, this technology wasn’t as perfect as it currently is, but despite this, some major corporations such as MCI and Mtel got involved to take this further. In addition to this, Stephen Hawking is known to be one of the earliest scientists to use Text to Speech technology. During those days, text to speech was very useful due to some obvious limitations but it still managed to do wonders in some fields.

    As for today, text to speech tech comes integrated on a wide range of platforms and devices and has multiple use cases in almost all fields of work. The voice quality seems more natural and offers different accents and languages. 

    I’ve filtered and listed down the top 5 ways through which this technology is improving our lives.

    1) Helping learning disabled people

    This technology has proven to be extremely useful for people who are suffering from learning disabilities. People with dyslexia or some kind of learning disabilities, visual disabilities can now obtain the content in the speech format and do not have to trouble themselves with reading. They no longer have to feel shy in front of people. Just like how the world provides aid to the disabled, the internet should do the same. Text-to-speech is that aid.

    2) Helping students

    Many different types of research suggest that vocal medium can be more useful for the students to attain knowledge much easily as compared to reading text. Therefore, universities from all over the world have realized the potential of this technology and are utilizing TTS applications to convey information to the students. This can easily be done by the teachers through software called Notevibes. This has been very commonly used by universities and has been proven to show a positive response from its users.

    3) Helping senior readers

    As we’re rapidly progressing from books to smart devices (such as mobile phones and tablets), senior readers who are not very tech-savvy are facing a big challenge to familiarize themselves with these new technologies. Although text to speech tech can also be categorized under one of these new technologies, it has still managed a large percentage of senior readers to help them out with this hurdle and obtain information more conveniently. 

    4) Read anywhere anytime

    As we’re all aware of the fact that modern life is hectic and keeps us busy at all times. This has disabled many of us from relaxing and enjoy time reading our favorite book. Under such circumstances, text to speech technology is proven to be the most effective way of eliminating this issue. Due to it’s rising accessibility, this tech has allowed the readers to process the information more easily by sparing them from going through tonnes of different articles and books.

    5) Helping Foreign Students

    A large chunk of universities in North America, Europe and other parts of the world consists of many international students. A huge percentage of these students are usually trying to learn and gain speaking fluency in different languages as this could help them immensely in their daily lives. TTS applications are an ideal solution for them to get rid of this hurdle.

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