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    Top 5 Home Security Systems in 2019

    Installing a home security system is one of the best investments that you can ever make. Not only does it guarantee the safety of your loved ones and property but you can also monitor what’s happening back home even when travelling.

    When looking to install a home security system, you may not know where to start since there are many products in the market. These are the top 5 home security systems that you should consider.


    Frontpoint Home Security System

    When installing a home security system for the first time, you want something that is not only affordable but also easy to install. Frontpoint Home Security System ticks all the right boxes as far as affordability, quick installation, and ease of use are concerned.


    The home security system has responsive sensors, which enable you to monitor your home from anywhere. Frontpoint also provides customers access to a wide range of compatible accessories. They can link any smart home gadget to the system, be it smart lights or smart door locks. The system allows you to keep tabs on what’s happening at home at an affordable price.


    ADT Pulse

    Homeowners who want to install a security system that offers the best customer care should make ADT Pulse their go-to option. In as much as the security system’s automation still lags behind that of competitors, ADT offers top-notch services that are sophisticated.

    ADT Pulse basic plans start at $28.99/per month. This price includes system components and installation cost. The home system combines monitored surveillance and home automation. Concerning functionality, ADT Pulse is highly effective given that it works with GSM, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about system interruptions during lag times.

    On the flipside, however, the three-year service contract offered by ADT Pulse is somewhat restrictive to customers. Similarly, you will be required to pay installation costs upfront as well as monthly monitoring and maintenance costs.


    SABRE Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm Set

    Many home security systems purport to offer bare-bones packaging. However, none of them beats SABRE Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm Set when it comes to quality and affordability. The home security system provides utmost protection at an affordable rate without sacrificing protection.

    It features a 120dB alarm, which can be heard from 750 feet away. Therefore, intruders will be deterred even before they break into your property. Sabre Home security packages come with detailed images and instructions about how you can set it up yourself. There are also suggestions about the proper placement of the system’s component, and how best to protect yourself.

    With the SABRE Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm Set, the wiring is unnecessary. The unit’s door and window alarms and keypad are powered by LR44 and AAA batteries, which can easily get swapped once you a notification pops up on your smartphone. The security system works with iOS and Android devices.



    Link Interactive Home Security System

    Homeowners always look for security systems that not only come with reliable equipment but also provide round the clock professional monitoring. Link Interactive is one such company. This home security system is strikingly similar to Frontpoint’s.

    What makes Link Interactive Home Security System Different is the fact that it has shorter contracts. With Link Interactive, you can choose short contracts of even one year. This makes it suitable for homeowners who want to secure their property and family members at a bargain.

    Link Interactive Home Security System allows you to build your custom-made equipment packages. Therefore, you get what you need to install at your home without being required to pay for equipment that you won’t use. The security system is affordable bearing in mind that base level prices start at $40.99 per month.


    Nest Secure Home Security System

    Your home is your nest. It is one place where you need to experience utmost comfort and safety. Nest Secure home security system delivers just that. The security system provides excellent security and an affordable price.

    An exciting feature about Nest Secure is that the system can work with pre-existing security gadget that you had installed at home. Rather than introducing a separate security system to your home, you will only need to get one that can sync with the existing one. This saves you a lot of time and resources.

    Also, Nest Secure uses the app that you currently use to control the thermostat at your home. Therefore, you do not need to worry about freeing up space on your phone to accommodate the security system’s app.



    Nothing beats the feeling that you get once you install a home security system at your residence. The aforementioned home security systems are some of the best that you should consider when looking to secure your home. If you have pets at home, keep your pets secure with a pet-proof trash can.

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