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    The Three Major Drawbacks of Using Spying Applications

    Every piece of technology comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As spying applications become increasingly popular today, people are automatically conditioned to believe that they are safe and secure for all kinds of usage. Moreover, the idea gets further enforced when they come across many supporting articles and forms online that predominantly discuss the benefits of using spying technology and conveniently disregard the many pitfalls associated with it. However, while there are many advantages of using spying applications, there are also a number of disadvantages associated with them as well. In this article we shall be discussing are three major drawbacks of monitoring applications.


    1. The line between private and public information

    The concept of privacy is fast losing its value in the general sphere of life. We think that this is the era of connectivity, but we little understand that this connectivity is leading us into alleys of exploitation. With monitoring applications the fine line between private and public information is always broken. Once you are connected to a spying application’s server your location is always being tracked. You would believe that only the target phone or gadget’s location may be getting tracked but look closely, the analysis the monitoring application is generating are based on your location as well. Here are a few ways your private information is getting leaked:

    1. Your private address and other important locations are now on online servers that can be easily extracted.
    2. You may believe your kids are safe, but by tracking their location you are allowing other criminals to easily track them as well.
    • People like ex-spouses you don’t want to stay in contact with can still be able to know all your whereabouts.




    2. Exposed to many risks

    Although the only way of spying another person’s gadgets is through physically installing the application, however today, technology has found an easier way around this clause as well. Now stalkers and criminals can easily tap into your smart phones through simple codes that get embedded into your phones via marketing messages or recorded phone calls. These codes are undetectable but have the ability of easily tracking your location. The intensive data that can be generated via these simple codes includes time stamps and intricate details about the locations that you visit hence putting you at greater risks. Occasionally you will come across many murder, rape and abduction cases which when investigated through come down to one simple reason: spying technology.While monitoring applications may proudly claim to help parents keep their kids, little do they realize that by consenting to and using these monitoring applications they are actually placing their kids in greater harms way.




    3. Location based marketing

    Many different Marketers tend to extract our locations through these spying and location tracking applications. This is an easy way of boosting their sales and building a strong market for their products. The reason that we may receive many promotional messages and calls can be due to the information that these marketers are extracting from online servers of the monitoring applications. Although these are very annoying to receive but after giving much though, one comes to realize how easily accessible they are to the rest of the world. Here are a few ways location based marketing taps into:

    1. By clicking onto different sites and links on the internet you are openly allowing different marketers to tap into your interests and use it to their advantage.
    2. When you check into any place and upload it to the internet, different marketers manage to join the dots and develop trends based on the check-ins.
    • Monitoring applications are already creating an online blue-print of all the different locations that you visit which allows marketers to extract information from them.




    It’s quite simple actually, neither can we live with technology nor can we live without it. However, it is very important that at least we understand all the pros and cons associated with every bit of technology that we use. Being aware makes prevention all the more easier hence making it possible to prevent many different mishaps. Monitoring applications provide us with many benefits but at the same time they have also left us and our private lives vulnerable to the world.




    Author Bio:

    Angelica is tech geek as well as a Content manager and Social Media enthusiastic. She is extremely passionate and result driven professional. She writes for TOS – mobile spy app to monitor cell phone. Follow her on twitter @angelicadowson2.


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