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    The World in My Hands – The Evolution of Smartphones

    The aspect of globalization has cultivated the advancement in technology. It is the technology that has further propagated revolution of Smartphone. The need for efficient and effective mobile phone has necessitated leading mobile manufacturing companies to invest in a Smartphone. The qualities and performance of Smartphone have generated massive revenues of these companies. Henceforth, the use of Smartphone has been on the increase in the last decade.

    The incorporation of the complex operating system in the mobile phones in the start of the twenty-first century initiated the advancement and development of Smartphones. The significance of Smartphones has been reflected through the provision of high-quality services such as internet connection and use if PDF. However, the main challenge facing Smartphone technology in the mobile industry is the massive competition among various companies across the world. Furthermore, the pricing process in the international market is relatively high. It is estimated that fifteen percent of mobile phone sales are Smartphones. This indicates that people are progressively adopting Smartphone technology. It is the quality of Smartphone’s that dictates the level of acceptance in the society. Moreover, applications, storage size, and speed are the main determinants of sales in the market. The majority of people prefer high speed and high storage devices for efficient work output. It is the multiple uses of Smartphone in the information and communication sector that have generated massive consumers’ loyalty throughout the world. It is the integration of PDA in the mobile phone that increased the effectiveness of Smartphone in terms of service delivery.


    Revolution of Smartphone’s

    Over the last ten years, mobile technologies have significantly improved. At the start of the twenty-first century, Ericsson Company created a touchscreen Smartphone. This Smartphone integrated Symbian operating system, which initiated the era of Smartphone. Ericsson integrated various applications, but the overall performance was relatively low. The Ericsson Smartphone was followed by multiple productions of Smartphones from different companies in the year 2002. It is the same year Blackberry, which Palm Treo advanced form of Ericsson smartphones was introduced in the market. The Smartphone’s generation in 2002 was more complex and efficient as compared to those of 2000 generation. Such Smartphone’s incorporated various applications such as camera, MP3 and Video players among others. It is the aspect of emailing that improved usage of Smartphones. However, in the year 2005, Smartphone’s evolved further to form complex and advanced devices. It is the same year that resulted in the introduction of N-series Smartphones by Ericsson Company.

    The complexity of the N-series was reflected through their computing capabilities. Henceforth, N0series were manufactured by Sony Ericsson for business-minded people in the society. The speed and storage capacity was relatively high as compared to Smartphones’ in past years. Furthermore, N-series were more effective, complies and had more battery life. Two years down the line, the Apple Company had introduced iPhone in the market. The device had high qualities as compared to the past Smartphone’s. This is in the line of storage, applications and battery life. Furthermore, the models and design of Smartphone’s changed over time. It is the vast storage application that was incorporated into the iPhone that endeared many people. The majority of people could use this application for saving music, astronomical data, and folders. Nonetheless, iPhone Smartphone’s dominated for one year and new operating system was introduced in the market. The integration of the Android operating system in Smartphone’s by Intel and HTC improved the mobile phone service delivery considerately. Major companies have introduced complex Smartphone’s in the market since 2009. In 2010, Windows Smartphone was introduced by Microsoft Company.


    The significance of Smartphone’s

    The increased demand for Smartphones over the last ten years has been dictated by the durability, efficiency, effectiveness, and designs of Smartphones. It is the advancement in information and communication technologies that have seen mobile phone companies integrate the massive application in Smartphones. In the line of social empowerment, Smartphones have an application that enables the user to access email, exchange and chat directly. It is the incorporation of social networking application such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that has improved interaction of people around the globe. Overall, the Smartphone has improved the economy in the line of business transactions. The high computing qualities of Smartphones have simplified business transaction such as e-commerce. On the other side, the qualities of Smartphones such as display endear the majority of customers. The large screen with high resolution facilitates effective mobile operations. Subsequently, there was the introduction of a viable application that enables the user to update information instantly. This indicates that Smartphones have improved the lives of people in terms of communication, interaction and economic empowerment. The change in mobile phone technology is productive. This is because globalization process can be achieved through social interaction and technological advancement.

    Smartphones have improved society significantly. The total sales of Smartphones’ are increasing in the market, which generates the maximum revenues for the nation. Moreover, people are able to use Smartphone’s to conduct businesses, which result in economic empowerment. The interaction of people via a social network is more accessible and faster through the use of Smartphones. Therefore, the Smartphone technology has changed the overall outlook of the society in relation to economic and social diversity.


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