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    The Latest Ice Makers Accessories and Their Uses

    There are certain people who consider ice machines as being unnecessary luxuries that they can make do without. But everybody who has ever held an ice tray can admit that handling it can get awkward and messy – the cubes never end up having an adequate shape. Thus, owning an ice machine is very convenient, especially if you host large gatherings on a regular basis.

    But once you purchase a unit, the next step is getting the right accessories. While these items are totally optional and you could easily have the best user experience without, it is a good idea to pick them up. Here are the latest ice makers accessories and their uses.

    Refrigerant Tubing Kits

    Refrigerant tubing kits are linked to the remote condenser and the ice machine, and they come charged with refrigerant right out of the box. While they are extremely useful for a number of reasons, refrigerant tubing kits are required only if you have a remote air-cooled machine, which is more expensive than the other types available on the market. If you are interested in the types of ice machines, you can read more about this subject on competent sources such as IceMakerPro.

    Refrigerant tubing kits are sold in all the length combinations so that you can make the purchase judging by the distance between the remote condenser and the ice machine. However, make sure to read the model’s guidebook, because most tubing kits are specifically designed to accommodate a certain type of condenser.

    Water Filtration

    Water filter is one of those accessories that many people tend to overlook, especially if the water in the area has an excellent taste. But contrary to popular belief, a water filter’s purpose is not just to make your water taste better – it is actually removing the mineral buildups. Naturally, ice machines are prone to developing large mineral deposits consisting of calcium, for example.

    Moreover, the calcium will stick to the walls and components of the ice machine, triggering a process which is called ‘’scaling’’. Scaling will cause some parts and components of the ice machine to grind, decreasing its overall performance and, by extension, affecting the quality of the cubes. Since the FDA includes packaged ice in the food category, it is best to take all the necessary steps to ensure that the end product is produced and stored in the safest possible conditions.

    Therefore, to ensure that your ice machine will not suffer an early demise, it is a good idea to change the water filter cartridges once every six months, depending on the recommendations of the manufacturers. Make sure to check the user manual in order to choose an appropriated sized water filter cartridge.

    Ice Scoops

    While you might not need an ice scoop on a daily basis, it could come in handy if you are serving large groups of people. An ice scoop is useless if you own an ice maker dispenser with a self-contained sealed cabinet because the ice will usually fall directly in a container, but if you purchase an under-counter unit that comes with a bin, you will definitely need this accessory. Most models are made from stainless steel and plastic and come with a holder that allows them to be attached to the inside walls of the storage bin. As usual, make sure the ice scoop’s size is appropriate for your ice machine model.

    Ice Storage Bins

    As the name suggests, an ice storage bin is basically a container to store the ice that the machine has generated until you are ready to use it. Most bin models have hatched at the top that let the generated ice to fall directly inside and a door at the bottom, through which the ice can be retrieved. While many bins allow only a single head to be mounted on top, some models allow two.

    Before purchasing a bin, it is a good idea to see if the bin has the same width as the ice machine head. However, if you have a bin top adapter, you can easily work around this issue.

    Bin Top Adapter

    Another optional accessory that is a good idea to purchase is a bin top adapter. This particular accessory is necessary only if the top mounting ice machine head is narrower (in width) than the model it is being attached to. However, bin top adapters are not universal – each manufacturer has a wide variety of configurations for their models, some of which are appropriate only for their specific units.

    A good rule of thumb is to check the ratio between the top and the bottom of the unit. Generally speaking, if the upper part is smaller than the bottom, you might need to purchase a bin top adapter. As always, make sure to check the user manual if your ice machine and bin require an adapter.



    Ice makers are convenient pieces of equipment that you can use to accommodate both the needs of your family and your guests. While purchasing a unit is usually enough, it is good to have several optional accessories handy, like bin top adapters, ice storage bins and ice scoops for specific situations. Make sure to read through this article, and you will get all the necessary information about the latest accessories available on the market.

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