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    The Best Travel Tech Gadgets to Buy in 2019

    Are you travelling a lot lately? You may need something more than the in-flight entertainment to make the long flights bearable. There are plenty of gadgets out there that can transform your travel experience into the first-class luxury. Modern tools such as smart plugs and portable WiFi hotspots will keep you connected and happy even when you’re far away from home.

    Going on a business trip? You are going to want to make sure you have everything you will need in order to conduct your business affairs conveniently and efficiently. We’ve got some tips to help you with the right tech for 2019.


    Pick the Right Tech-Savvy Accommodations

    Where you stay really matters. For instance, if you are Chicago-bound, looking for McCormick Place hotels, there are tons of hotel options available, but does each hotel have WiFi or other amenities for your gadgets? Picking a hotel is the first step to getting consistent, free WiFi. While this feels like a crazy thought that you’d have to pay for WiFi in 2019, there are still hotels that charge for this convenience.

    There are some hotel brands that are including free WiFi as part of their brand experience. In fact, the “Hyatt Has It” program means that any Hyatt hotel will have free WiFi as well as other amenities that you may have forgotten, like a charging cord. So if you are looking at Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, you’ll be happy to know that it has the same amenity program as a Hyatt Regency in another city or even another part of the country.


    Tech to Stay Clean

    If you are always travelling, then you know it can be difficult to wash your clothes sometimes. You may have your clothes cleaned at a local laundromat, but what about ironing? You should get a Steamfast Mini Travel Iron that allows you to de-wrinkle and pants and dress shirts. This iron just takes a few minutes to heat up and allows you to get quick, wrinkle-free clothes. It also works great as a last-minute wrinkle-remover so you can look fresh for your meeting or other activities.

    The Quip Electric Travel toothbrush is another gadget you should pack in your carry-on, too. It’s a small electric toothbrush that comes with its own wall mount and travel case. Now your teeth can be effortlessly pearly white, even when you only have time to use the airport bathroom. No one wants to meet a new business partner or friends when they have bad breath. This is an item you need to make sure you don’t forget!


    Power Up Gadgets

    One of the worst things that can happen while travelling is that you forget your charging cords, or you can’t find a plug that matches outlets in another country. The Anker Powerport 6 has several USB power ports that you can plug in at the airport, making you a favourite for nearby passengers who need an outlet too.

    Twelve South Plugbug World Charger is a great universal adapter that you can use with any outlet in the world. You can use it to charge all of your smart devices. Combine this with the Anker Powerport 6 and you will have no problems keeping all of your various gadgets fully charged and ready to use.

    How about the Nomad PowerPack? This nifty gadget can charge an iPhone multiple times to full battery charge before it ever runs out of juice. It’s also indestructible. Never get caught with a dead battery when travelling by bringing this handy tool with you.


    Entertainment Gadgets

    If you are constantly looking for something to do while you wait or on a layover, then you should put your hands to get good use. The Nintendo Switch is a great choice because you can play all sorts of real games without draining your phone battery. It will keep you entertained even when you have a long layover and can’t leave the airport.

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