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    Sales of Smartwatches Are Not Expected to Dominate Swiss Sales For The Next Few Years

    Global smartwatch sales surpassed Swiss watch sales for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to data released by market research firm Strategy Analytics. Much of this achievement was due to the Apple Watch, which was quickly becoming the best-selling model among wearable products at that time.

    While the popularity of smartwatches had increased rapidly, consumer interest in Swiss luxury watches had declined. That was largely due to the reluctance and slowness of Swiss companies to adopt new technology on their watches, with features that can be worn on devices. Unlike luxury time-specific clocks, smart watches allow users to make calls, send and receive emails, check health information, and many other features.

    One of the few brands that try to reverse this scenario by adopting the existing technology in products that can be worn is Tag Heuer. In November 2015, the 155-year-old Swiss manufacturer launched the Connected Watch with the Android Wear operating system, an Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor and doubled memory compared to other smartwatches with the same system. Even so, the device does not have characteristics that have become fundamental in smart clocks, such as monitoring physical activity through GPS and NFC technology that allows you to make payments with the device itself. The result was Tag Heuer only accounted for 1% of smartwatch sales in the fourth quarter of 2015, far behind Apple, which earned 63% of the market, and Samsung with 16%.


    The current fact

    Round, square or curved. With plastic, metal, or leather straps. Accessories to smartphones, or standalone. Regardless of the format and style, smartwatches have multiplied among electronics manufacturers and promise to make Europe’s largest technology fair, the IFA, the stage of their last attempt to conquer the market.

    Under the expectation of a possible announcement of similar products from Apple, giants like Samsung, Sony, Motorola and LG have been showing off their new products not only to mark territory in the market but to prove to users that smartwatches are not just a passing phenomenon.



    Here are the points:

    Intelligent clocks nowadays go through a slow time, where they are slowly showing users that they can be functional. But devices are falling in price, technology has evolved, and we tend to deal with these accessories within the expansion of the concept of wearable technology, a move that must revolutionize people’s behaviour. While recognizing that today this type of product has as its main consumer only the most sophisticated users, enthusiasts of the latest technology, many people believe that this situation should not last.


    What about 2019?

    It seems that Swiss watch manufacturers will further strengthen their business lines in the smartwatches sector. However, Switzerland is known for its classic design of watch products and they certainly will not easily switch to fully selling futuristic products. Products like Rolex Cellini, GMT Master ii will not lose their loyal customers. They are too far away to be completely removed from the top of sales. Actually, the smartwatch function is found in many smartphones. This makes many people feel that they don’t feel the need to submit all their activities to smartwatches. They consider that what is offered by smartwatches is something that is not really new or useful. Yes, they offer many features, but people’s preferences for watches are only accessories that show others what they have achieved, how they are, their social status and things like that. Here the Swiss watch industry still dominates the watch market for at least the next decade.

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