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    Important Tech for Startups in 2019

    New age technology has submerged into every aspect of our lives. So, we aren’t surprised to see a spike in technology when it comes to businesses. Technology allows for new businesses to access data and reach mass markets faster. Those two allow businesses to gain customers and clients.

    Technology has become very instrumental in businesses. Start-ups have a lot to gain because of this. The data can be used to close the gap in competition. Virtually anything will be possible in 2019. Therefore, here are some important tech for startups to look for in 2019.


    AI- Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence has been around for years. We’ve seen it in movies, but we’ve come close to the idea in the last two decades. The AI tech is important to start-ups because it can eliminate certain tasks that should not take up focus. The AI technology is not as intelligent as the AI on Eagle Eye, but advances have been made for delegation purposes.



    The blockchain is the driver behind Bitcoin or the crypto-currency exchange. This is important because of the transactions taking place. With Blockchain, it is important because of the shared data that it saves when completing transactions. The secured blocks go through a consensus mechanism. A start-up can intertwine this system with the business plan if it revolves around finance.


    IoT- Internet of Things

    IoT devices collect data remotely. This gives businesses the ability to analyze the data and create well-organized systems and expand productivity.


    Big Data

    Big data gives a start-up insight on the project. Taking advantage of tricks and techniques can prove to be useful for a company. This ensures a boost in productivity, efficiency, and revenue.


    Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

    Virtual reality already made its debut a few years ago, especially in the gaming industry. A virtual world is manifested by computer graphics thus recreating a real experience. Augmented reality has not made headlines as much unless you work directly with tech. Augmented reality is important for start-ups because of business implementation. Virtual reality does not have to be feeling through a virtual world. Buildings can be mapped out, a peak in how a particular technology will respond can be acted out, and etc.


    Robot Automation

    Robot automation is an automated process. The process is repetitive functions that do not require much supervision. For businesses, the team can focus on client engagement, products, and services while letting RPA take over the administrative aspect.

    RPA is an AI learning machine in which the software records the human work process and creates a memory from the process to work without error and without the need for human supervision. It takes the processes derived from the human flow session to learn and understand the algorithms for efficiency purposes.

    RPA is an important tech to start-ups because of the efficiency that can be completed with processes and systems. Repetitive clerical functions can be completed for organizations with RPA.


    Cyber Security

    Cybersecurity is very important to start-ups. You always want to invest in the protection of your business, therefore, having cybersecurity for data and websites to prevent hacking should be a priority. Since technology is advancing, so are the hidden identities creating codes to infiltrate the online aspect of your business.

    Increasing efficiency and productivity will be the most beneficial for start-ups with the 2019 tech components. Regardless of the industry, every single start-up can find AI and RPA useful for automation of tasks – not needing to be handled by a human – or mass amounts of data that can be analyzed to progress your business. Technology is evolving for a reason, so start-ups have so much at their fingertips; making it hard to not indulge in everything tech for the 2019 year.

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