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    How to Remind your Customers About the Free Shipping Offer?

    We often talk about how developing an urgency grows the eCommerce conversion. There are several techniques by which you can generate that sense of urgency in the minds of customers. Free Shipping Bar is one of the extensions by which you compel the users to get rid of the shipping doubts.


    What is Free Shipping?

    Delivery is one of the most challenging aspects of the eCommerce. Traditionally, shipping is carried out by the third-party companies. It may not be necessary that the third-party delivery teams carry the same business values as same as that of your company. Also, issues like shipping charges at checkouts have led to countless cart abandonment. So, these days the eCommerce merchants ensure that they don’t compromise with the delivery services and minimize the shopping cart abandonment.

    Hence, they have given birth to the concept of Free Shipping. The concept of Free Shipping is generally used as a marketing tactic or a bait for the customers. It is believed that 36% of the users desert their shopping carts due to higher delivery charges. Shipping cost impacts their decisions immensely.

    Also, many shoppers say that they don’t purchase from the eCommerce because the total cost of the purchased item is much cheaper at the local retail. Since free shipping reduces the total cost of the items, it can be assumed that it makes some impact on the buying decision of the users.


    What is the best Free Shipping Promotional Tool?

    Magento 2 has been a great pumper which drives the growth of eCommerce stores. The code blocks in the form of extensions have been the possible reason for Magento 2 success. Along with Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar Extension, there are many third-party organizations which have worked hard in order to provide an agile Free Shipping Bar extension


    How Does It Empower Admin?

    The extension empowers the admins by letting them create a free shipping scheme for a specific threshold amount. It is difficult to promote Free shipping schemes just by marketing. Customers tend to forget the free shipping scheme if merchants don’t remind them regularly about it. Hence, the extension is developed in such a manner that it gives a lucid solution to the above issue.

    Since admins are granted the power to set the threshold value of the Free Shipping, they can reflect messages like “Shop 10$ more and get a free shipping” or “You are almost there for a free delivery charge. Shop for 20$ more”. Also, the bar at the top of the cart page reminds them to buy additional products for free shipping. It is one of the good tools which significantly determine the behavior of purchase and lead to the conversing-trigger.

    Indirect Benefits Of Free Shipping Bar

    Apart from the features bestowed by this extension, there are far more indirect benefits of them. It puts the eCommerce store in a good position. Let’s go through some of these benefits:


    • It Sets the Coherent State Of Mind

    There is a lot of tentativeness while buying from an online store. It becomes extremely vital for the merchants to kill this dubiety. Conversion is based on the mental status of the shoppers. Unless they feel secure about the price, product, and quality, they are unlikely to convert. Free-shipping bar sets the state of mind. Free Shipping Bar messages trigger the urgency and help in developing a purchase state of mind. It constantly reminds the shoppers about free shipping policy of the Magento e-commerce business.


    • It Reduces the Shopping Cart Deserting

    As we discussed, one-third of the carts are abandoned due to the last page shipping rates. Free shipping bar keeps the thing transparent by reflecting the threshold and persuasive messages before the final checkout. This wins the customers’ trust and leads to lesser shopping cart abandonment.


    • It Helps In Higher Conversion

    You need to flush off the doubts of the customers. When you do that, you are one step closer to winning conversion. Since Free Shipping Bar gives coherency to the purchase decision, the rate of conversion automatically surges to a great level.


    • It Leads to Additional Purchases

    Since Free Shipping Bar allows the merchant to set the threshold rate. Since it keeps on reminding the users of additional purchase for free shipping. It persuades the customers to buy something additional apart from what they came to purchase.


    • It Enhances the User-Experience

    Many eCommerce platforms work towards providing seamless user-experience. Many invest their brains and capital to make the shopping-experience beautiful and hassle-free. Free Shipping Bar is a kind of extension which interacts with humans and propel them to enjoy the benefits of the free shipping schemes pegged by the merchants. It also persuades them to buy something else so that they can reach the minimum value set by the admin. Also, The loader images/animations provide a phenomenal pitch for customer experiences.


    • It Heightens The Revenue Generation

    The fact that Free Shipping Bar soars the conversion rate and upselling, it accounts for elevated revenue of the firm. This not only boosts the confidence of the merchants but also inspires them to work better, each day.


    • It Improves Decision-Making Based On The Budget

    Since the Free Shipping Bar displays the total cart amount to the buyers along with the amount they should spend to avail free shipping, it prepares their head for optimized decision-making and let them decide the products as per their budget.

    The Final Call

    Free Shipping is not a new trend. It has been in the business for a long time and its effectivity has led to its survival in the industry. Despite its traditional policies, it is able to boost the sales. It truncates the additional burden of the buyers who had to pay hefty amounts for delivery.

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