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    How to Find the Best Mobile Phone Deals in 2020

    January is here and after spending some more money during the festivities and still saved a little more for a new phone, congratulations. Nonetheless, buying a smartphone is a challenging experience. You, therefore, have to ask yourself three questions;

    What is your budget?

    How will you be using the phone?

    And what do you hope to get from your phone?

    The best phone comes with premium prices. But when you use a platform like Compare My Mobile to compare phone prices, you could walk into the market with knowledge on how to choose your ideal phone.

    Additionally, with the following information, you’ll be capable of finding your ideal smartphone like a pro considering the above questions.

    Phone Network for the New Mobile

    There is nothing wrong with any phone network. However, it would help if you considered why you’re choosing one network over the other. For instance, do you admire good signals, low prices, free rewards, or what kind of roaming options? If you need a fast network, consider a phone that is 4G enabled.

    In that context, the EE happens to offer the fastest 4G network in the UK. This means a Galaxy phone will work great if you plan to sign up with EE. Moreover, the company offers several rewards, such as free months of BT Sport. Furthermore, if you buy an iPhone, you could benefit from Apple Music for six months.

    A Phone Compatible with 5G Network

    What are you planning to get from that phone in the future? If you were to change to a 5G speed network, will it require you to buy a new phone? Well, bearing that 5G is 20 times faster than 4G, it’s no doubt that you’ll want a phone compatible with 5G network.

    However, any 5G phone is costly, and that includes the 5G SIM deals. But, a company like Three is about to launch 5G SIM deals, and you’ll have a various deal to choose from, and thus select the cheapest.

    SIM Free Phone or Contract

    SIM-free phone means you have to pay for the telephone individually from SIM. This gives you the freedom to choose data plans depending on your preferences from various companies. On the other hand, the contract deal requires you to pay for the phone and SIM as a bundle.

    Data Usage

    Another thing to consider while finding the ideal phone deal is the amount of data you use. Different networks offer unique data plans, and it’s up to you to choose a plan depending on which platforms you use. For instance, if you need data for emailing, Whatsapp, you need a minimum of 1GB per month. However, if you’re a heavy user of the internet, it’s best if you consider unlimited plans with companies like Three, EE Vodafone and others. You might also want to consider Sky Mobile and ID Mobile. These two allow you to roll over unused data to the following month.

    Moreover, Sky Mobile and ID Mobile allow you to change your data plan whenever you need and have nationwide coverage. This means 98% of the population of the UK could benefit from the two networks.

    Phone memory

    What you have to delete several pictures before capturing and saving others. How do you choose which data to remove from your phone? If you’re the kind of person who loves to keep information on your phone, a phone with more than 32GB is ideal. However, if you keep your content on the cloud, you might consider a phone with lesser memory and thus spend less money on buying one.

    Also, an iPhone doesn’t have a slot for an SD card, but Galaxy does. This means, if your phone fills up, you can add an SD card depending on whether your phone is compatible with one.

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