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    How 3D Printing is Changing Technology?

    3D printing has become a revolution in the printing industry. It is now one of the most popular and trendy technologies in the world. More and more people are using the new invention as the days go by. To be precise, 3D printing is a technology of manufacturing by the addition that allows you to create objects by superimposing layers of a certain material.

    The new 3D printers can mould not only plastic but also metal, carbon fibres, wood and even food which makes it possible to use it in many diverse areas. The technology is being utilised in various fields and sectors including education, entertainment and medicine among many others. It is slowly gaining muscle in new areas every day including weaponry and space. We can safely say that within no time, 3D printing is going to change how the world works. So what makes this type of printing so popular and loved? Here’s how 3D printing is changing technology:  


    It has made construction cheaper and easier

    The construction industry is considered one amongst the most dangerous of all industries. According to Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor at the University of Southern California, every year around 10,000 workers die due to construction-related accidents and around 400,000 are injured during the course of their work. In addition, the construction process is usually very slow, expensive, and in many cases dominated by corruption and municipal bureaucracy.

    There are already several companies and academic teams that are in the advanced stages of bringing additive technologies to the construction industry. One of the leading companies is called D-Shape and has developed a 3D printer with the ability to print any architectural structure that fits into a cube of 6 meters per side. With a printing area of this size, D-Shape can print benches, fountains, kiosks, pools, small bridges, statues, columns, arches, etc.

    3D printing has also come into assistance to construction specialists who are using the technology to come up with eco-friendly homes. Plus the best part is that this is a cheaper option in that there’s no waste and the cost of locomotion is down.

    You can even use recycled materials to build a home at a considerably low cost of production. Especially for those countries that are still developing, this technology is set to change the way all homes are built. It adds on to efficiency thus increasing the number of houses that are created every day. This is an excellent remedy for developing countries since it will help deal with the rising scarcity of homes. This is mainly caused due to high population growth in the states.


    Has a tremendous impact on the prosthetics field

    Apart from making prosthetics affordable, 3D printing has equally made it possible to produce numerous products that are used by those who need it the most. Besides, these items are made in such a manner that they can be customised and adjusted to suit the user.

    A lot of individuals are suffering and require prosthetics all over the world, especially in parts of the world that are affected by war. The introduction of prostheses using 3D printing is going to be a significant boost to production levels and efficiency.


    You can print food using 3D printing

    Of all the things a 3D printer can do, this is among the most exciting one. A 3D printer can print out different foods. Some of these foods range from snacks like chocolate to meals such as pizza. This eliminates the need to order food and instead makes it easy for you to print yours.

    This new and brilliant technology is planned for use in space where access to food is limited. Astronauts will then have the ability to eat like people on earth when sometimes they miss out on the foods that we eat.


    Helps us to clean the environment

    Most of the items we use today are non-biodegradable meaning they harm the environment. Such materials include plastic bottles and bags. Something you didn’t know perhaps is that these plastics can be recycled and put into good use in 3D printing. They can be used as filaments for 3D printers.

    In other words, instead of you burning up that plastic and destroying the environment, why not take it for recycling and help save Mother Nature? Well, this is something that you can do through collecting the plastics at a nearby pickup point for the relevant authorities to come and pick them up. This way you will save the world and at the same time contribute towards revolutionising the world through 3D printing.



    In summary, 3D printing is a new invention that is revolutionising technology. It is slowly making changes that most people did not anticipate would come so fast. A lot of industries are utilising this technology, and as we have seen above, there are many ways in which 3D printing is changing the way we live today. The contemporary world has seen drastic changes in technology with new ones coming every day. However, there are definitely few technologies under recent times that can match a 3D printer. Most of them are great, but 3D printing is the game changer when it comes to technological changes.

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