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    How to Choose Right Power Bank for your Different Purposes

    Portable charging has definitely taken off and that’s for very good reasons too. This is because power banks are the type of charging electronic that you’re able to take anywhere with you and charge your devices wherever you go. With that said, with the popularity of power banks came the production of lots of different ones. As a result, there are a lot of different power banks that have different capabilities and most of them are able to cater to different kinds of needs. With that said, they all have a place and it’s not that one type of power bank is more useful than another.

    Instead, each type of power bank is going to be very useful. In this article, I’ll be explaining 5 of the most the useful type of power banks that are currently being sold on the market and why they’re so useful.

    Mini Power banks

    Power banks that are small are the most useful kind of portable chargers and this is because these kinds of power banks are really what it means to be a portable charger. They have low power capacities and that means they’re able to take on very small form factors. The most common type of shapes that Mini power banks take is cylindrical and Slim shapes. As a result, a mini power bank is able to fit into pockets and we’re able to hold them while we’re walking and using our smartphones because they’re so small and lightweight.

    With that said, Mini power banks are small for a reason, because they have low power capacities; so you’re really only to get about 1 or 2 full charges. Also, most of them have a single charging port which means that you’re only able to charge a single device at any one time. Even so, Mini power banks are highly convenient as you’re basically able to take them anywhere you want, and they’re the easiest type of portable charger to carry around.

    High Capacity

    Then there are power banks that have high power capacities and this results in them being quite large since the batteries that are used are essentially larger and there are more batteries being used. However, high capacity power banks are still portable chargers that can still be taken anywhere; in this case, though, you won’t be fitting them into your pocket and neither will you be holding the power bank for a long period of time because of how heavy these type of power banks can get.

    For what they lack in exceptional portability, high capacity power banks make up for it with their powerful charging capabilities. It all starts with the power capacity as you’re able to charge smartphones and tablets numerous times over. The there’s the option of charging multiple devices at the same time. Most of the time, each of the charging ports that are used on high capacity power banks have fast charging, and they should offer a charging speed of 2 Amps. In addition to that, these kinds of portable chargers are also able to offer Quick Charge and USB-C charging capabilities.

    So if you have smartphones with those type of charging capabilities, then you’re able to charge them at max charging speeds. Some power banks that are in the high capacity range also make use of other charging power, like being able to charge laptops and may also have LCD power capacity displays that make it easier to read how much power is left.

    Rugged Power Banks

    For the most part, all the electronics that we use on a daily basis are not too strong. By that, I mean that most of them are not able to take falls onto the hard ground, nor are they waterproof. With that said, that’s the reason there are certain electronic products that are made up to a certain standard to be able to withstand things that would normally break the regular type of electronic.

    Most power banks are not built to take falls onto hard flooring and definitely not waterproof either. The solution to this is to use a Rugged power bank. Rugged power banks are just like any other portable charger, except they have stronger builds. They have reinforcements that are able to absorb shock damage in the event of a fall and so you don’t have to worry about dropping Rugged power banks because it won’t be damaged.

    The other best main part is that Rugged power banks can be waterproof. However, it’s important to know that a Rugged power bank is only waterproof when the USB port covering is covering the USB ports and once you’re charging your devices, the power bank is no longer waterproof. Also, another thing to note is that different power banks have different Enclosure levels. Some Rugged power banks are only able to withstand jets of water and some power banks are able to be immersed into water.

    If you’re searching for a Rugged power bank to purchase, you’re going to notice that most of them are marketed towards the type of people that are hiking or camping. Even though it makes sense to use a tough power bank in the wild, Rugged power banks are just as useful if you’re using them for everyday purposes because of threats, like dropping the charger onto the floor or getting water on it, are still very much prevalent.

    Built-In Cables

    Charging cables are an absolute necessity when it comes to charging because every charging electronics requires a charging cable. With power banks, charging cables are absolutely vital because if you forget your charging cable at home and head without a cable then you’re stuck with a useless piece of portable power.

    The solution to this is quite simple, as all you really need is a power bank that has a built-in cable to use. Power banks with built in cables are useful as you already have all you need with it and possibly even more; as there’s the built-in cable that you can use to charge your most used devices with and most power banks that use built-in cables also use a USB port that you can use any charging cable with.

    In addition, to have options for charging other devices, there are some type of these power banks that have a built-in feature to recharge the power bank itself. Such as a USB cable or an AC Adapter that you can use to recharge the portable charger. In the end, power banks with built-in cables can end up not needing any external charging cables because they already have all the cables that they need ready to go.

    Portable Power Sources

    So I may have already talked about power banks that have high power capacities, then there are absolute massive kind of portable chargers that are basically portable power sources. The main difference is that these type of portable chargers have power capacities that are into the six digits, such as having a power capacity of 100,000mAh. As a result, you’re able to charge most devices about 30 times to their full power.

    Another reason that portable power sources like these have such high power capacities are because they’re not only capable of charging but also because of their powering abilities. Power Sources like these can have 4 USB charging ports, a DC Output port, a V12 port and an AC Outlets that can be used to power small appliances like Mini Fridges. As a result, you’re able to use all your vital appliances and charge a wide range of electronics such as your smartphones to your laptop.

    However, with something with that large a power capacity and charging abilities, these portable power sources are very heavy and large. The best way to use them is to have them in the case of a power outage if you’re far away from a stable source of power such as when you’re camping or hiking.

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