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    Chinese, Use Mobile Apps Twice More Than The Internet

    Internet, this is what the whole world is swooned by as of now and it is growing rapidly. Usage of the internet has become a norm for every one of us; maybe without it everything seems to be a void. We cannot imagine a world where there did not exist an internet. Life will become clueless, as the internet and technology is the basic necessity of the next generation and for that matter, no as well.

    All the countries are adapting to the changes which are happening around them. The biggest revolution which has happened in the past few decades is the technology, internet and smartphones. Without these three major things, existence of the mankind will be in an utter havoc. It is a proven fact that people have existed in the past and have lived great lives even without these. But, now the scenario has changed, people think that these are the driving forces of today’s world.

    Smartphone usage has been on the rise and the apps designed for these devices are also increasing. In a survey taken, it is stated that people spend almost 90 percent of the time on the smartphones. They are filled with many apps which fulfill the requirements of an individual. Without the apps, we can clearly say that, these devices are just like any other normal phone used for making calls and texting.

    Social media is one of the biggest platforms where we can find almost everything we want to know about. The Chinese have excelled in the usage of the social media when compared to the other Asian countries along with the US and Europe. Surprisingly we can see that they are not prominently using Facebook or Twitter. They are using the applications which have been designed by the Chinese tech gigs, like Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter) and Renren (China’s Facebook).

    China, is leading the charts in the usage of the mobile apps when compared to the other countries. It is has doubled in the current year as compared to the previous year, 2015. We can say that people are using the mobile apps and the internet at almost an equal amount of time. The sale of smartphones has been increased by 11.6 percent when compared to the previous year.

    The Chinese spend less amount of time online with their PC’s; instead they are on their smartphones. Americans are spending around 45 hours on an average per month on their smartphones. But, the Chinese have surpassed the Americans in this run; they are spending around 49 hours. It is not a big number, but it may change, as there is an increase in the usage of smartphones and the mobile apps.

    Let’s check out with the stat for the person who use their smartphones, is it daytime or the nights? Youth, from this generation prominently uses their smartphones in the nights. In common, if we look into the analysis, Americans are prone to use it noticeably in the day time. Chinese, use their phones late towards the end of the day, which are late evenings or nights.

    Gone are the days, when people use to watch TV shows, soap operas and entertainment on the TV. As, everything is available online, people tend to watch it online. An internet package which is available to the commoners is more cost effective than the cable TV or the D2H connections. People in America still watch their favorite shows on the TV. But, people in China are drifting towards watching them online on their smartphones.

    Gaming, social networking and news, these are the most used mobile apps in today’s trend. There are millions of apps available for the users to download and spend quality time. But, there are a few apps in the store which remain to be the highly rated and recommended apps. When it comes to America, we can say that it is Facebook and Twitter. China also has its own mobile apps for messaging like WeChat, QQ and a few other apps.

    More than 70 percent of the internet usage is done on the smartphone apps. In the current trends we can see that the technology is switching to the digital mode. Investment towards the mobile apps, smartphones, tablets and all the digital products are growing rapidly. The demand for these in the market is going to get higher and higher in the days to come.

    The citizens of China use the internet mostly on the smartphones, which is a whopping 94 percent of the users .It is just 70 percent in the US when compared to the Chinese. There are people who just own a smartphone and not a PC; it is a fact that a smartphone does everything a PC can do. There are around 19 percent of the population of the China who own just a smartphone, whereas in the US it just a mere 5 percent.

    This is the scenario when compared with the US, but when it comes to comparing with India.  It is clear that the Indians are at par in the usage of internet and mobile apps. The difference of usage by the users from the respective countries is just a few hours, China lags by an hour or an hour and a half. But, this is a lead to the big companies to make great business in India.

    Tech gigs and the business heads are enthusiastic about the possibilities having a great business in India. In the time, where the economy of the world is depleting, it seems to be a ray of hope. Unfortunately the number of smartphone users is comparatively lesser to that of China and Indonesia. But, they are a few companies who are not keen on investing in India, as the internet speed is just 2.5Mbps.

    Another surprising fact is that the people, who use smartphones, don’t stick with it alone. There are a few, who do watch the television simultaneously while using their phone. In simple words, we can say that, they have mastered the skills of multi tasking. 78 percent of the users stay active on social media on their smartphones rather than on any other mobile apps.

    Statistics have been taken by the officials of the Internet Network Information Center in China. The penetration rate of mobile search and desktop search is at a close call. Users who do a search on their desktop search engines are around 82.3 percent and its counterparts are at 77.1 percent which is the mobile search engines.

    The smartphone usage is prominent with the mobile apps, social media and information from a search engine. There are a few other things which we can see, advertisements on the mobile apps. Advertisers are making huge profits by posting their ads on the mobile apps. China is considered to be the fastest growing market in the mobile advertising industry. In the second quarter of 2016, the market expenditure shockingly reached 931 percent. On a global market scale the rise of the investment is 103 percent.

    Social networking, messaging and gaming, these three are the most prominent apps which all of us are using presently. The demand for these apps is never going to fade away. Technology is fast growing and everything related to is going to have a major effect on the people.

    Digitization is what the whole business industries are working on, as they are aware, that it is selling point for the business. If, the internet connections are going to get faster in the near future. Then we can be sure of the fact that the people from all over the world be online 24/7. That is the impact which the internet and the smartphones are going to have on the mankind. So, go ahead and get ready for the next generation mobile apps to sweep us off and make us happy.


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