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    Awesome Travel Gadgets Every Traveler Must Have

    travel adapterTraveling is not always as exciting and fun as the bloggers and their beautiful Instagram photos portray it to be. Sometimes, little inconveniences can ruin your trip. Make your life away from home easier than ever by bringing these geeky travel gadgets with you on your next travel adventure!

    Tech Gear for Travellers:

    1. Travel Charger Adapter
    2. Smart Travel Bags
    3. Mini Espresso Machine
    4. Mobile Hotspot
    5. Portable Water Purifier

    Travel Adapter

    If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll need to be able to charge your phone. Smartphones have evolved to become vital pieces of technology, used for much more than phone calls. Keep your phone charged in any country with a travel adapter.

    World travelers know that different countries use different outlets. There are universal travel adapters that have different plugs for all the versions across the globe. One great travel adapter is the Epicka Universal Travel Adapter, which works in 150 countries around the world.

    Smart Travel Bags

    Perfect for the wanderer who loves to travel with safety in mind, smart travel bags use anti-theft technology to keep your items secure. A perfect example is the Plevo B-One smart travel bag.

    Plevo’s latest B-One & D-One smart travel bag collection offers anti-theft technology and high-tech security. The bags come in four size options that are all spacious and durable. They are also fitted with a Smart Lock feature which can be accessed using touch or face ID and morse code.

    Plevo’s smart travel bags also come with a removable battery pack and a Travel Companion App with tracking functionality that will alert you if your bag is too far from you. If you want to have the peace of mind every time you’re traveling, bring Plevo on your next adventure!

    Mini Espresso Machine

    For people who just can’t go about their day without a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, pack a portable espresso machine. This is the perfect travel gift for coffee lovers. It will help you prepare delicious, clean-tasting coffee wherever in the world you might be.

    We recommend the Waccaco Minnipresso machine. It features a very stylish and easy-to-clean portable case that works well both for home or travel use. It also comes in a variety of attractive colors and a new collection called “tattooed edition” which consists of beautiful artwork printed on the body.

    Get your caffeine fix every time you travel with Waccaco Minnipresso.

    Mobile Hotspot

    Heading somewhere where there might be no internet? Don’t worry – there are mobile hotspots that work even in the worst dead spots.

    Our top pick is the Skyroam Solis. Designed for consistent and reliable connectivity in even the most far-flung destinations, Skyroam’s latest mobile hotspot makes one of the best travel companions.

    Skyroam Solis is a portable WiFi hotspot that works in over 130 countries. It uses a virtual sim called vSim which has pay-as-you-go data plans. Plus, you don’t need a carrier integration or hardware.

    It can also be a useful power bank, Skyroam Solis X can connect up to five devices at the same time and has a built-in battery that can charge various kinds of devices. Skyroam’s gadgets are also very user-friendly. You don’t necessarily have to be a tech geek to get it up and running in minutes.

    Imagine having unlimited internet wherever you are without expensive roaming charges. Stay connected on your favorite social media channels abroad with Skyroam Solis X today! Make travels more awesome with this must-have travel gadget.

    Portable Water Purifier

    There are some places where it’s hard to find clean water, or others where buying plastic water bottles is expensive (and bad for the environment). You can’t pack your typical water filter, but a portable water purifier will do the trick!

    GRAYL’s Ultralight Purifier is a sleek and slim portable water purifier fit for travel use. It gives anyone the ability to safely drink from almost all kinds of freshwater sources such as murky rivers, lakes, and wells.

    It has one of the most effective purification systems that can rid even the most disgusting water sources. Say goodbye to waterborne pathogens, chemicals, heavy metals, or pesticides on your drinking water. No matter how far off the map you end up, rest assured that you’ll always have the ability to purify your water.

    Its lightweight design also makes it a great travel companion. Designed with ease and practicality in mind, GRAYL’s Ultralight Purifier doesn’t take much space in your backpack.

    It’s also very easy to use, many compare it to a standard coffee press. You simply fill it with water, plunge the inner press, and get safe and clean drinking water in as fast as 15 seconds!

    Final Thoughts on Travel Gear

    Travelling is way more fun when you’re prepared. So travel smarter and have more fun on the road with the gadgets listed above. Don’t forget to enjoy your experience and capture the amazing world around you each time you head off to another adventure.

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