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    5 Ways Technology Can Help You Workout At Home

    The global pandemic has drastically changed the way we workout at home and live our lives for the sake of slowing down the spread of COVID-19, also known as coronavirus. While going to the gym and exercise classes is not allowed right now, with the aid of technology we are still able to keep in good shape and work out on a regular basis from the comfort and safety of our own homes.

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    This guide aims to give you 5 ways technology can help you workout at home:

    Fitness apps

    Fitness apps are well known for being convenient and effective, giving you the ability to complete an effective workout guided by your smartphone or smart device. The 30 Day Fitness app, for example, is available if you want to lose weight, be more active or build muscle. It is set up to be your digital personal trainer, hold you accountable, and teach you how to do exercises that follow an established training routine. Users can select pre-created training challenges such as ‘Cardio Blast’ and ‘Toned Body Makeover’.

    The Mirror

    The Mirror is so much more than a full-length mirror. It also has a camera, speakers, and a Blutetooth heart rate monitor. You can stream classes, choose from a library of workouts, analyze your results, and get feedback from the mirror regarding your form.

    Smart equipment to workout at home

    Smart equipment can give your usual exercises a boost. Here are a few examples:

    • Tangram smart rope: The Tangram smart rope tracks your jump count, calories burned, and total workout time. With some gamification as well, it makes jumping rope even more fun.
    • Nexus Smart Push Band: The Nexus Smart Push Band is a smart sleeve that uses sensors to track and review your workout. It also gives you some suggestions on where you can look to improve your workouts.
    • Athos Men’s Full Body Kit: The Athos Men’s Full Body Kit is smart compression gear that monitors your workouts. It can track your heart rate, the calories you burn, and how effectively you are working for your muscle groups.


    Peloton has upgraded the stationary bike you see at the gym and makes for a great form of exercise you can do from home. Set it up in your home for a “private indoor cycling studio” and follow along with one of the 14 daily live classes or 5,000+ on-demand classes. The price for one comes in at $2,245, and if you can afford to invest in it, the time and money you’d save compared to going to cycling classes and the gym would be well worth it in the long run.

    VR fitness

    VR fitness still feels futuristic for many, though it is becoming more popular especially for those working out at home. You can start up with VR games such as Box VR to box from your living room, and virtually join exercise classes so you feel as though other people surround you in a positive and energetic environment for the duration of your workout.

    Leveraging technology and working out at home enables you to save time and money, while also staying safe as you work on your physical health. You can still get just as effective of workouts while at home and many find that when they develop an at-home workout routine, they don’t rejoin their gym!

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