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    5 Best Robot Vacuums For Every Budget In 2019

    Robotic vacuum cleaners are auto controlled hands-free and designed to clear your floor of dust, furs from your pets and the likes. They operate by rechargeable batteries and have docks where they retire to recharge at low battery capacity. Most people who own a robot vacuum are happy that they do. It helps keep their floors tidy without much effort on the part of the user.

    Experts have tested a few dozen-robot vacuum cleaners, and they have concluded that the five mentioned below take the cake when it comes to robot vacuum cleaners. Experts are of the view that the EufyRoboVac 11S is the one to be checked out first. There are others, but none of them performs the similar kind of cleaning that the above-mentioned products do. All said and done, mentioned below are five highly sought after robot vacuums which are high on demand in the market.


    1. EufyRoboVac 11S:

    This gadget cleans every nook and cranny of your house, and you will not even know. Nowadays, plenty of robot vacuums have become as affordable as the EufyRoboVac; however, none of them gives the same effect. The notable feature about this cleaner is that it does not get on one’s nerves even when you are in the same room when the cleaning is being done. This ubiquitous vacuum cleaner sounds more like a fan than a vacuum cleaner. It gives efficient cleaning as compared to bots, which are twice or even thrice, more expensive than this gadget.


    2. EufyRoboVac 30:

    Eufy Vacuum Cleaner


    If there is a comparison between buying the 11S or the 30, then the 30 will win easily. Both the 11S and the 30 cannot be controlled through the Wi-fi connection because they do not have what the 30C has. Given this feature, the 30C is also more expensive than the 11S and the 30. The Eufy models of robot vacuum cleaners do not last too much because the manufacturer does not sell replacement batteries, wheels or even other moving parts. To its credit, the 30 has a better paint job and a little extra suction. But, the feature of the 30, that takes the cake, is its 20 feet magnetic strips.


    3. iRobot Roomba 690:

    One feature that separates the Roomba 690 from the competition is the availability of spare parts of this gadget. Therefore, if you maintain the Roomba 690 well, it could last you even a lifetime. The Roomba is another semi-random, bump and runs model that can be repaired over time at home. This gadget can be controlled with an easy to use the app or Alexa’s voice. Its lighthouse helps create an invisible barrier, which makes it more elegant than the just described Eufy 30 model. This means, it can easily connect to Wi-Fi and therefore, it can be controlled using your humble mobile phone.


    4. Roomba 960:

    The Roomba 960 has the best combination of price and quality. It is pleasant to work with, and it can be comparable to any other home cleaning vacuum cleaner worth its salt. With the Roomba 960, you can map your house while it does its work. Moreover, if you have a large space to clean, prefer a robot that knows where it is going and what it is doing. This gadget is an upgrade of the models discussed before, in this article. Only the higher-end Roomba models can take on, more intelligent tasks like selecting which dirt to suck and which to leave out. This brand of robot knows where it is doing while cleaning.


    5. Roomba i7+:

    For people who can afford an expensive robot vacuum cleaner, the flagship Roomba i7+ is the best choice. This model can empty its dustbin. The Roomba i7+ is a one of a kind machine that does not have any back data on whom have used it and for how long has it been used. Both these marquee features work. This robot thinks that whatever he does he does correctly. However, he is not going to continue beyond December 18. This robot is progressively more convenient than other great robots of its ilk. It is a great Roomba for pets.




    All said and done; the above robots are the front-runners when talking of high-end robot vacuum cleaners. However, that does not mean others do not fit the bill, that they are bad, or that you should not buy them. It is just that the robots talked above have much broad appeal than some others.

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