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    Why Your Instagram Profile is the New Home Page

    Nowadays, instead of Google, many customers are moving towards Instagram for searching for business or brand and your profile must be becoming the new home profile quickly. Also, same like the objective of your web (conversion of visitors into potential customers), the main of a goal of Instagram profile must be to turn visitors into the followers. Same as spending more time working on a website of the business, it is vital that you take an Instagram profile in the same way.

    While creating the website, you write and rewrite most likely, think over the photos to be added there for representing your brand, build out multiple pages as well as optimize the web for getting best conversions. So, do you spend that much time on Instagram profile?

    Now, Instagram has become more important and its time to optimize it for getting more awareness, followers, and sales. So, are you ready for optimizing your profile for turning your visitors into your followers? Here is how you to need to think about this:


    The Instagram Bio = first impression is the last impression

    As anyone lands on the website, you will want him/her to understand your business and yourself, without having them scroll down. It is known as “above the fold” technique, and this applies for the Instagram bio in the same way. You have to make your impression using limited space, and it is vital that you convey this to visitors instantly while telling them about your business.

    If you offer services, not the products, be sure that you use your bio for giving visitors everything that they require for knowing not just regarding you, but also about contacting you!


    The Link Within Your Bio = CTA Button

    In your website, what is key CTA?

    If you have an online shopping store, you will have a button of SHOP most likely (or other buttons also) for helping people to shop on your website. If you have a tech-based firm, you have CTA of signing up probably and if you work like the freelance photographer, people will get pointed out your contact info or your portfolio.

    Same like the website, the Instagram profile must have its CTA too!  

    Want to know what should be you CTA? Consider of the objectives of the Instagram profile and which actions your follower must take for you. Do you need them to purchase items from your feed or do you need them to follow your account?

    Use the link within your bio like the chief CTA you have on your site. Also, it is vital to tell followers about your link in the bio. Consider the last line of the Instagram bio as the text of the CTA button and describe your followers about what they will get after clicking on your link.


    Highlights of Instagram Stories = The Website Pages

    Highlights of your Instagram stories can be the powerful and innovative method for telling stories by businesses, getting the followers and making more sales. Consider each of the highlights as a category of pages of the website. Along with the home page, about page must be there and other multiple pages depending on kind of business you run.

    Like, if you have an online store which sells clothing, you may have various pages for bottoms, dresses, tops, accessories etc. You can make use of these pages on the site also as an inspiration for creating highlights of Instagram stories. Consider every highlight as the marketing video for a function which you perform –  what kind of offers you want to show to people instantly.


    Instagram Aesthetic = The Brand

    As mentioned before, the Instagram aesthetic works like the first chance of making a good impression in front of your followers (as well as customers). Same like the site, your profile must exhibit your brand. How your business must make your audience feel? Are you using the brand colour as the dominant one? Can people identify your business only by seeing your photos?

    Makes sense? Well…while looking at your profile, you get answers to these questions.

    Meanwhile, there are many businesses which use their profiles for branding as well, you don’t need of going to the extreme for achieving the nice aesthetics on Instagram. The main objective is to have a consistency, and the great way of doing this is to use the same editing procedure or filters on every single image.

    The archive feature of Instagram can be a great way also for hiding the posts which don’t fit with the aesthetics or images which you actually need to post, however, don’t want them around forever. Without losing likes, analytics or comments you can remove, hide or un-hide photos easily.

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