Back when Instagram opened up shop, it was perceived as a child’s plaything. The act of putting photos online so that people can show their approval with little hearts seemed banal. For many it still feels so, but for the over 200 million monthly active users its life. These users share over 6 billion photos a day which gets over 1.6 billion likes per day, making Instagram the number one social media network in term of public engagement. Like any zeitgeist, Instagram is what is being talked about now, but unlike most zeitgeists, people won’t stop talking about it even after nine years.

Getting more followers on Instagram is the key to being part of this revolution in communication and relevance.

Choose the Most Appropriate Content for You

Probably you’ve ever heard about just being yourself. On Instagram just like in the entirety social media sphere, you can be whomever you want to be. However, if you’re going to gain a more significant following, you need to create content that is popular with users. It might take some time to find your style, but once it all comes together, your followers will acknowledge you.

There is a sea of others out there also working hard to see on Instagram, so find a way of different even if it’s just slightly from the multitudes.

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Calls to Action

Each post you make should carry a compelling call to actions. To put it simply, your followers should get a sense that they have to react to it in a certain way. Your pictures or videos need to have a description that makes the viewers respond by double tapping or writing something on the comment section below and not just scroll past to the next post. A strong enough post can even make the viewer go into your profile to discover more and start following you for more.

Asking questions in your captions, daring your viewers, and using subtlety are a few methods you have in your arsenal that will help you in this goal. Remember, that the goal with Instagram is to use pictures to start a conversation and sustain a continuous engagement with your followers and potential followers.

Make That Bio Pop

The user Bio is often overlooked since most of the content on Instagram is visual. However, sometimes words can paint a better picture that well, pictures. Words force the reader to abandon all assumptions, use their imagination, and point their perspective on what could be. Pictures show what something is.

Harness the power of the 150 characters that Instagram allows you to succinctly explain to your viewer what your core business is and dare them to follow you to discover the world according to you.

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Hashtags Are the Secret Sauce

Create a personal hashtag and use it everywhere. Use every time you post something new when you comment on other user accounts and even include it in your bio. Psychology has proven that a persistent phrase or visual clings onto the subconscious mind: manipulate this, use it to drum up more following and engagement with your followers. You can go a step further and ask people to use it in their post. Take the message offline, incorporate it on receipts, t-shirts, posters, signage, graphitti, and anywhere people will be able to see it.


Please don’t shy away from being creative with your hashtaging. Nothing sucks worse than obvious, one-word hashtags. Okay, you have to use those too, but have some fun with it, live a little, mix it up! Blend in those hashtags with the description to make them part of the story. Aim for zany, satirical or comical by all means please don’t be boring.

Be Very Descriptive

Words will always support and compliment picture. Independently stir curiosity, but their synergy generates understanding and engagement. Give as much detail as possible so that nothing is left to the imagination. Go with the mood that the picture creates, like, if it looks like people are having fun using light-hearted language to capture it in words the exact feeling of the image. Don’t forget to incorporate those creative hashtags and calls to action in your message.

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