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    Strategic Working Tips for Boosting the Instagram Business Account

    You can easily see that there are lot many advertising activities goes on Instagram every day and more than 5 million users are trying their hands with videos which is now a very fast medium to increase the follower base count. If people like the concept of the video, then they can even repost it and share it with other users. Maximum like watching video and Instagram is known for highest video uploading platform. The images and videos are what now a new media for circulating information or spreading a word about any brand. For uploading the video on your Instagram account for your marketing purpose, you don’t require big budget bucks, fancy equipment for recording or any endorsement from a celebrity. You just require strategic planning for executing the videos right to the targeted audience. You need to have a high-quality of concept on which your videos should be based.

    You can connect to the large audience following some ideas of how to develop a meaningful video and get a hold of the authentic large mass of audience.


    • Strategically developed Stories:

      Recently Instagram has launched its one of the most engaging features which are uploading the daily stories on Instagram. You can find hundreds of stories being uploaded by users you follow. Many of them are entertainment based, and many of them are marketing based. The small-scale business owners are using the opportunity of uploading the videos of their products on a daily basis and reaching out to the maximum users. You must maintain the sequence of your videos uploaded in a single day that could tell about your brand and services. The ability to save the video now can be helpful as the user can anytime come and watch the video on your profile. You should start the sequencing of your video with the introduction of the brand at the start. Then next sequence should show the tutorial of the small segment with simple information. If you want to introduce your other members, try capturing them in the video with humor. In the end, you can put some QA related to the business product.


    • Experimentation with the text:

      You could have seen that many stories video have text written on them. This is a new trend of people following with mute videos. They add loads of text relevant to product and business service. Thy put texts in a different segment and a very precise amount and quality. There are several fonts and design, you can choose for your videos and can overlay your video with it. This will add curiosity among the user of what they will get next.


    • Adding design functionality:

      You must define a very basic design look for all your posts. Your design should speak for your Instagram business profile. It will get you loads of recognition and people will remember your brand for long. When you start incorporating thoughtful design ideas like editing videos with contrast level, colors, animations, popups, texts, etc. you will successfully be able to develop a combination of visual content with adjustments made aesthetically. There are many tactics that you can work upon. The context of your Instagram video should be distinct and interactive and let the user gets engage with it. You can record the engagement metrics using the tool IGERSLIKE.


    • Slideshow of images:

      If you think that it is a hassle in creating a video, you can replace the idea with slideshow. You need a few photos and a slideshow template. You can build a powerful story of your brand product and with no texts and effect; you can transform your brand journey on the Instagram.


    • Customizing your product countdown video:

      You can use your own hashtags for outreaching the content. If you have a recent release date of any product, you can publish a countdown video with an upload on Instagram for building excitement among the users. You can launch the video using appropriate hashtags so that you can get visibility among the large mass of users. Launching a countdown video for the product release can be an effective marketing gimmick and can boost up your business growth.


    • Capturing community videos:

      You can think of ways of how you can reach out to the community. There could be a way of publishing the employee and customer interview video and upload it on the Instagram page so that people can see the trust development and compelled them to choose the genuine service and product of your business. In the interview, you can show the small story of how your product has been useful to the customer. Your video should inspire the people so that they come into


    • Following the latest trend:

      You must stay updated and has to start following the latest social trends for getting new ideas. You must be creative in using these trends in your video. This will be a wonderful opportunity to catch more eyes of the viewers. You must create an authentic, high-quality of videos that can spruce up your Instagram feed. You need to pay attention to the relevant details of your business content in the videos.


    • Arranging giveaways for users:

      If you think you are still not reaching the spot with your users, you can arrange some giveaways and contests ideas on your business profile. People like the idea of winning some gift hampers without paying in return. To build the community, you must provide offers and discounts on the commodities of your business unit. This can finally help in establishing your business as a brand. You can reach out to a larger audience about your business contests through hashtags. By running a challenge, you can target the audience who can help you in posting about the contests in their posts using some specific hashtags.



    Instagram is a great platform for boosting up the business growth utilizing the resources. Millions of people are connected through a network and channeling it for your benefit can help your business to get established as a brand.

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