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    Points Brands Can Follow To Increase Their Instagram Followers

    Do you even know what most of the successful brands have in common? They have a significant number of IG followers under their accounts. Even though they primarily operate in various different markets, but brands and multiple influencers will have millions of Instagram followers. There are vastly 800 million IG users nowadays. So, it’s no wonder that all forms of influencers and organizations are turning to these platforms for increasing reach and also for generating some new businesses. So, make sure to chalk out the comprehensive lists of strategies as widely used by some of the succesisful Instagram users these days.


    1. Using IG tools for increasing followers and working on engagement:

    There are so many interesting technologies, which are hitting the market these days. Such items are available to empower social media influencers and marketers for increasing IG followers and even the follower engagement. If you can use must-have tools for gaining more out of IG, you don’t have to spend extra bucks to buy ig likes separately.

    • Vital Upgrade: Through this tool, you get the opportunity to increase IG brand reach and also audience engagement with the help of using this full service. Viral Upgrade will reach out to IG automatically to IG users through comments, likes and follows. There are sometimes when this outreach will eventually lead Instagram users to follow your account as a return.
    • Social Drift: This service will further help brands to build massive IG following by just relying on machine learning based algorithms for engaging members automatically through follows, comments and likes.
    • Vital Race: By using instant, real and automatic IG likes, and the chance to post whenever you want, Viral Race is the major engaging marketplace for influencers and businesses. It is a great spot for those looking to use some social proof for attracting major brand deals and reaching the discover page a lot faster than usual.

    With the help of these Instagram tools, you can help the social media marketers to increase follower count dramatically and in short order for sure.


    1. Trying to create Instagram competition:

    Even though competition has fallen out of style on some of the social media platforms, but the method is still quite alive on IG. Some of the recent websites have used IG competition for selecting two brand spokespersons. You can take help of for some best examples. This website announced winners of IG contest that helped the brand gain some amazing exposure to some of the potential new followers. This competition was ingenious particularly as it helps in motivating contestants for encouraging audiences to engage with the IG posts as shared by the same account.


    1. Amplify the current reach with the IG Ads:

    Billions of dollars are thoroughly spent on IG Ads on a yearly basis. Well, this number is not stagnant and expected to grow. Brands of multiple sizes will understand that IG ads will offer the unique opportunity for gaining access to the specified group of IG users. For those people who are always interested in increasing number of IG followers at a quick rate, can always head for ads as the best choice.


    1. Develop your current trending hashtags:

    Recently, IG announced that users now have the right to follow some specified hashtags.  After this update came into action, brands are asked to develop trending hashtags for encouraging users to engage well with it. In case the hashtag is branded at any point, it is best suitable for increasing brand reach.


    1. Experimenting with some content formats:

    All the reputed social media marketers have various content types to choose when posting on IG, and that includes video, photo, and carousel. It is always mandatory or the marketers to experiment with one another. Various formats are available, which might help in the better engagement of the current followers and that proves to be quite critical for reaching new followers organically through some of the prominently placed contents out there.


    1. Try investing in IG Analytics tool:

    It is mandatory for you to invest some bucks on the third party IG analytics tool, which is critical if you are planning to fine-tune IG strategy. There are some platforms out there, which can eventually help social media based marketers to correlate with the follower growth with the specified content piece or with some changes to the current content strategy. That step will make it rather easier to double down on things, which are currently working suitable best.

    1. Switch to the IG business account:

    With the help of an Instagram business account, your organizations will gain enough flexibility, which will make it a lot easier for growing followers. Accounts admins can always gain some access to the profile performance metrics. On the other hand, admins have the right to easily boost posts with an inexpensive advertisement, which will add a button for making it easier for profile viewers. That button will help viewers to contact the business via phone call, direct message, text or even email.


    1. Learning about the IG’s sorting system and how it works:

    In case you are practically interested in developing the vital and viral form of IG content, first, you have to understand how the sorting algorithm of IG works. This platform is designed to use various factors, which will include post engagement, timeliness and even post location. These options will help in determining where you must post the content in user’s timeline and whether this post will make it to Explore page or not.


    1. Solicit the profile feedback from target audience base:

    For understanding how well you can actually improve IG marketing strategy, you are asked soliciting feedbacks from some of the present customers and followers you have already listed out in your account. Sending any direct message to followers who are well engaged, might be a great way to acquire some meaningful and fast feedbacks. It can eventually help in optimizing strategy in near future.

    You can always follow up with these tips and tricks, which will help big and small brands to grow their IG follower count instantly. You will love the response involved!

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