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    A Complete Guide to Instagram Analytics

    Instagram is the most loved social media platform with nearly 1 billion monthly active users. The number of audiences is steadily growing which paves great opportunities for brands and businesses across the world. Hence it is imperative for any business or brand to be on Instagram and materialize their presence.

    If you are using Instagram for your business it is significant to know about Instagram analytics. Every business needs an effective strategy and this Instagram analytics will help you analyze & optimize your marketing efforts. By doing so, you can build an astounding Instagram strategy that will do wonders for your business. You will learn how to grow your audience and how to create better contents that will engage your potential clients. Moreover, you will be armed with essential marketing strategies to gear up your Instagram business profile. Let us jump right in!


     What is Instagram Analytics?

    Instagram analytics help you analyze which photo, video, and story performed the best. It provides you with several insights on traffic, engagement rate, CTR and more. Each of your post-performance can be tracked and refined for optimum performance. Get more likes, views, impressions, and comments by knowing the right time to post on Instagram. The overall performance of your brand can be improved with Instagram analytics which will ultimately bring success to your Instagram marketing strategy.

    Whether you own a mom & pop store or an e-commerce business, Instagram analytics will show what works well for your business. Hence you can create contents that lure your prospects which will drive great traffic and sales! Keep in mind that Instagram analytics works for only Instagram business profiles. If you don’t own an Instagram business profile yet, it’s time to switch on. Find your Instagram analytics from the “insight” tab, which will reveal the analytics for your posts and stories. Instagram analytics will help you discover everything you want, where you get more followers and engagement.


    Discover the Instagram analytics

    With millions of Instagram business profiles globally, brands can harness the potential of Instagram to grow their business. Ignoring analytics could be a big blunder as you do not know where your traffic is coming from, who is your target audience, what to post & when to post, how to create more engagement and followers. Instagram analytics will provide you with the relevant data that will eventually change the way how you market your business on Instagram. We will discuss in detail about each analytics which will help increase your followers and drive engagement.


    Profile analytics

    Profile analytics can be accessed from the “my profile” page. This page shows you the important metrics to boost your marketing strategy. You can view the insights for a week of time. This page gives access to impressions, interactions, reach, profile visits, mentions, website clicks, and profile views.


    The analytics provides you with the exact number of visitors and clicks to your Instagram profile. You can get detailed analytics on each of your stories to improve your marketing performance. Moreover, you can also see the total number of posts having your company’s hashtag.


    Audience analytics

    Are you connecting right with your target audience? Do your posts reaching your target audience? Thanks to the Instagram analytics which will show you the audience demographics and the average time your followers spend on Instagram. You can also view the peak days your followers are most active on Instagram. The top locations show your audience from the cities and countries they belong to. Curious to know about the age of your audience? The analytics shows you the age of both men and women.


    You can also view the percentage of distribution of gender. In the below, screenshot the percentage of men using Instagram are leading than women. The insight also provides you with the average days and hours your followers are active on Instagram.



    Post analytics

    Post analytics shows you how each of your individual posts is performing. You get to know how effective your content strategy is working or are they not enticing your audience. Instagram analytics show you the below metrics to consider and fine-tune your marketing efforts.

    • Interactions
    • Discovery
    • Follows
    • Reach
    • Impressions
    • From home
    • From hashtag
    • From profile


    Here discovery is one of the great features which shows you new contents from the profiles you are not following and your business profile will also be included in this page. Therefore you can check the number of accounts who are not following you through this discovery feature. In the above screenshot, 9% of people weren’t following the particular business profile.


    Stories analytics

    Instagram stories are very popular amongst the netizens and its real fun posting stories to your account. Stories have been a great way for brands to connect more with their audience.  Stories analytics provides you with impressions, reach, exists, replies, and people insights. Here exists mean the number of time a particular audience tapped an exit button and returned back to your story. People insights show the number of people who viewed your story.

    Though Instagram analytics provides you with essential metrics, there are plenty of online tools, which can give you in-depth details of your business profile insights. Let’s have a look into the top four Instagram analytics tool.


     Top four Instagram analytics tool


    Hootsuite is the best analytical tool where you can track and measure your social media marketing efforts. You can get real-time Instagram analytics with Hootsuite. Monitor your Instagram marketing effectively by tracking your audience, competitors, and trending hashtags. This platform provides you with visual reports, where you can easily measure your performance. Moreover, you can schedule and publish contents to your Instagram profile. You get a 30 days free trial to use this platform.



    Iconsqaure will reveal the secrets in your Instagram analytics. This platform provides instant Instagram audit which is free. The instant Instagram audit gives you detailed information about your Instagram account and how well it is optimized. Moreover, this platform provides valuable tips on audience engagement, post optimization, and account activity. You get a 14 days free trial to try this platform.


    Sprout social

    Sprout social is yet another social media management software and analytical tool to boost your social media marketing strategies. The analytics offers valuable data and strategies to discover things that resonate well with your audience. This platform tracks posts performance, trending hashtags, competitor data, and audience engagement. You get a free 30 days trial which no credit card requirement and software to install.



    Keyhole simplifies your social media marketing and monitors efforts steadily. The platform provides Instagram analytics and reporting. You can accelerate your follower’s growth with audience insight which delivers data about daily, monthly and yearly follower activity. Keyhole presents real-time analytics reports of your follower growth, engagement rate and optimal posting times.




    Now you know how to make the most of the Instagram analytics to improve your marketing strategies. Whether you use the native analytics or third-party analytics tool you can make data-driven decisions to set your Instagram marketing soar high. Hope this guide, help you revamp your strategies and entice the Instagrammers out there!

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