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    7 Things to Do if You’re Serious About Using Instagram for Branding


    Have you ever wondered what actually makes Instagram such a powerful marketing platform and if it’s amazing as people say it is, why aren’t all brands that use this social media making millions and becoming world known?

    It’s not possible to point your finger on a single answer to this question right from the bat, the truth is that there is a wide array of challenges that most advertisers simply can’t overcome. The world would be a better place if we could list out step by step instructions and all you’d have to do is follow the guidelines, however, for a fruitful Instagram branding campaign, one has to make only the best effort. In this article, we are going to examine seven aspects of your engagement, the execution of which you should carefully plan and put in motion creatively.

    Find and get to know your target audience

    The online marketing industry is effective because it allows us to deliberately interact only with those who matter to our strategy. Include some consulting and analytics into your search and you will find the perfect example of your follower. However, once you have identified what type of people fit your target audience, it’s important to understand what they are interested in, what drives them toward your business. This will allow you to create content that people will more likely engage with. Engagement increases organic reach, but more importantly, research shows that engaged followers are more likely to become customers.


    Make every follower matter

    Studies indicate that the Instagram is swarming with fake accounts, used only to propel the number of followers for monetary retribution, spam your inbox with all sorts of DM offers, or in any other way serve any purpose but helping you reach to followers that matter to your business prospects. Instead of wasting your resources on grabbing as many followers, just because you want to reach a certain number of people on your account, focus your efforts on getting the people that fit into your target audience.

    More than just putting yourself into the risk of facing the repercussions for getting paid followers and engagement, a single follower that buys your product is worth more than a dozen of followers that don’t buy anything. Branding is not about putting your name everywhere, it’s about putting your name in front of the right people, and making results that you can show for yourself.


    Create unique, aesthetic, and convincing content

    Within the never-ending sea of graphic content, it’s difficult to stand out unless you really create a compelling concept and find a talent that will execute it immaculately. The descriptions and captions you decide to use should also fit into the frame and bring additional value to the image portion of your post. Writing is not a skill everyone develops equally, it’s better to hire writing agencies like Best Essays or a freelance content writer that would work on the textual aspect of your marketing endeavour.


    Stand by your colours

    Instagram is a medium that focuses on visuals, therefore, sending a unique vibe throughout your entire profile is of the essence. Anything from the dominating colour palette, typography, tone of speech, even the objects in the image should scream your brand. Visual authenticity is a weapon you must never stop using, one day it could grow to become the sigil of your brand.


    Let your audience become a part of your publishing team

    One part of your branding strategy should include interaction with your audience, answering their DMs, replying to their comments, and acknowledge their dedication to your brand. Organize an image contest event with the most inspired pieces earning a place on your profile page, along with the author’s tag and a suitable reward. If you play this step well you could experience a notable reach growth and an enhanced engagement, as well as a few more sales than outside the event.


    Learn to adapt

    The Theory of evolution teaches us that only the creatures that can adapt to changes in the ecosystem are able to survive in the reshaped environment. Concerning your branding efforts, this means that you should keep your eye open for:

    • Changes in your target audience behaviour,
    • Demographics,
    • External influences that can shift the balance of the market

    Political and social events also influence your industry and, by extension, your marketing endeavour. If your current strategy is not working, don’t hesitate to retrace your steps and see where you’re doing it wrong. You can choose from a variety of tools that can provide information regarding the success of your past and current activities.

    Cross-platform promotion

    As we already stated earlier in the article, focus your attention on getting as many new followers that your brand needs. When it comes to sharing your Instagram posts on other social networks, there is a certain finesse to it. Not all of the audience profiles are in the same measure on different platforms. Furthermore, not all of your target audience members behave the same on Instagram and Facebook per example. The latest statistics show that one has to be smart when it comes to where, when, and which content will you share in order to reach the maximum effect.


    Building your brand on Instagram is possible, however, it’s not easy to achieve. Work hard on approaching each of these pieces of advice with utmost dedication and creativity, and your business will have the potential to grow into a mighty brand name. You have to power to engage people, show them your core value, and embed your name into their minds – you just have to control that power and direct it properly.

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