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    How Your Brand Can Boost Social Media Engagement in 2019

    If your brand has been on social media for a while now, it isn’t difficult to observe the changes. For one thing, back then, it was all about the number of followers that you had. These days, though, this isn’t the only important element of social media marketing.

    See, companies have begun to realize that engagement is linked to brand loyalty. So, the more that your followers engage with you and vice versa, the more likely it is for them to continue to be devoted customers. So, without further ado, let’s see how you can maintain social media engagement in 2019:


    Lean Into Your Brand Persona

    Nameless, faceless corporations are a thing of the past. Modern social media followers want to know there are a face and heart behind any organization. The best way to assure them of this is through brand personas via social media platforms.

    Hopefully, your company has already sorted this out. If not, it is something that you should get started on. Once you have decided what type of persona will represent you best, it is important to stick with this theme. Make sure all of your content carries the “voice” of your brand persona.


    Start a Conversation

    Scroll through your old posts and see just what kind of content is on there. Do some of your posts contain interesting and interactive questions? Do others have the type of content that people want to talk about, comment on, and share? If the answers to your questions are no, then you need to rethink your social media marketing strategy.

    For one thing, limit the promotional content – people aren’t following you to see what you are selling. Rather, they want posts that are going to get them interested and keep them hooked. This is why one of the first things that you need to do is to find out more information about your followers. You can then get a better idea of what they like, dislike, and what is most likely to get them excited. After this, it is simply a matter of creating and posting content that relates to this.


    Keep It Consistent

    You should be mindful of the fact that your followers are following you for a reason – they expect a specific kind of content. This is why you should focus on maintaining a certain level of consistency in all of your posts. It doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to get creative. Nonetheless, the posts should always be relevant to your industry and your followers.


    Request User-Generated Content

    It should come as no surprise to learn that user-generated content is an excellent option for boosting social media engagement. Structured social media advertising does have its place. However, if you rely on this alone, your followers will understand that it is all contrived. When your followers post their own content of them using your services or goods, though, it comes across as being more authentic.

    Now, you can wait for such content to come in on its own or you can go ahead and request it. There are actually quite a few ways that you can manage this. Set up contests, post customer reviews, or simply ask your followers. Just remember to always secure permission for the images, videos, or text that you would like to use.


    Improve Your Response Rate

    At the end of the day, if you want your followers to engage with you, then you are going to need to engage right back. This is becoming more important considering that many consumers are heading towards social media to get customer service. Considering this is such a public platform, it will serve you well to respond quickly and respectfully.

    Even when there is no problem, though, you should try to reply to certain comments. This is especially true when they are compliments aimed at your brand. When answering these comments make it a point to keep the brand persona in mind and to remain consistent with your replies.

    Well, you know now exactly what it is your brand needs to do to boost its social media engagement. Thus, it is important to carry out these strategies so that you can witness the fruits of your labour.

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