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    Tips to Optimize Facebook Page SEO and Get More Likes

    One of the ways to promote your business on the Internet is to use the Facebook platform, which is used daily by hundreds of millions of people around the world. The best option would be to create your own organization page on this social network. Regular interesting and useful publications will attract the attention of many people, some of whom will later use the services of the company.

    A business page on Facebook allows you to create a positive reputation for the company and get new customers. Social media marketing (SMM) technologies are perfect for page promotion. They will help to increase the number of subscribers and to create a constant target audience.

    But the interaction of the Facebook page with major search engines is still poorly understood. But there are general principles that should be followed to increase interest in the page from the search engines. The main ones are listed below. Using them, you can get additional customers who will come from the issuance of search engines.


    Pay Attention to the Page Title

    When choosing a title for a business page, you should be very careful. The fact is that search engines similar names are in the form of first-level headings (H1). As you know, this is one of the key factors of ranking. Therefore, the name should consist of the brand name or relevant keywords. It is by name that Internet users will continue to find the page in search results.

    It is also recommended to create a short URL that will include keywords. It will simplify the perception of the address for people and will be useful for promotion in search engines. You can set such a URL if the page has 25 or more subscribers.


    Number of Backlinks

    Another key ranking factor is the reference weight of the project being promoted. This factor is relevant to communities in social networks. The more links to the page and posts of the community, the more likely to take a high position in the search results. It takes into account not only links that are published on third-party resources but also references to the community within the social network itself. And not only the number of backlinks is important, but also credibility in the eyes of the search engines for the resources from which they lead.


    Regular Publication of Thematic Content

    It is recommended to regularly publish on the page interesting for users thematic information. This will not only increase the interest of the user audience to the page but also have a positive impact on the promotion.

    Search engines have a positive attitude towards projects where information is frequently updated. All published messages are indexed by search engines. Therefore, it is important to create optimized content. Competently chosen keywords will positively influence the process of promotion.

    In addition to messages, search robots also index tabs that are placed on the page. At the same time, their importance is more important compared to ordinary posts. It is therefore very important to use optimized headings and subheadings on tabs, as well as highlighting important information with keywords in bold.

    facebook page seo, Tips to Optimize Facebook Page SEO and Get More Likes

    It is worth paying attention also to the page settings. They have content rights management functions. The administrator can disable or allow viewing of messages to users who are not subscribers to the page. If you prohibit viewing of such visitors, the search robots will also not be able to access this information. Therefore, full-page indexing will not be performed.


    Choose the Correct Presentation Format

    When publishing messages in thematic communities, many administrators use images that contain body text. But to advance this option of presenting information will be ineffective since the search engine ranking algorithms do not take into account what is shown in the pictures.

    facebook page seo, Tips to Optimize Facebook Page SEO and Get More Likes

    Therefore, even if you post messages in the form of pictures, it is desirable to duplicate information in text form. Thanks to this message will be successfully indexed by search engines.

    But when creating content you shouldn’t optimize it strongly at the expense of quality. You should always remember that the page is created to interact with users. Therefore, the information should be presented in such a way that it is convenient for perception by the visitors.


    Optimization of Videos and Images

    A modern page on the Internet contains not only textual information, but also thematic images and videos. They should also be optimized for more effective promotion.

    To optimize images, include keywords in the file name. And for the video is recommended to come up with an interesting title, which will also be written with key expressions.


    Increase Page Popularity

    For high-quality page promotion, it is important to form an interesting audience. The high activity of users, a large number of “likes”, comments, and reposts indicates that this page is of high quality and interesting for visitors. And this will have a positive impact on the process of promotion and position of the page in the search results.

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