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    The Best Guide To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

    Facebook Likes: How to get it, How to Buy it, Should We Buy it Officially, What will be Advantages and Disadvantages

    The most common question today on every internet user mind is :

    • How to get more likes on your Facebook page organically
    • Should we go for Facebook page promotion to get more likes on our Facebook page
    • Should we buy Facebook likes in unauthorized ways?

    #1. To get more likes on the Facebook Page Organically

    One should always try harder to get more likes on their Facebook page, The organic way is always the best.

    But it also depends on the amount of time you have, Getting likes organically is really time taking.

    If you want to know the best methods to get more likes on your Facebook page read this guide: How to get more followers on Facebook page for free

    This guide teaches you every single step to build your audience organically.

    This is ranked as the best guide for getting likes on the Facebook page for free and rapidly.

    #2. Should We Buy Facebook Likes through Facebook Promotions

    We should prefer to buy Facebook likes through Facebook page promotion if you are in a hurry to build your audience.

    This is prescribed as the best method if:

    • You don’t have time
    • You have money to spend on your page promotion


    Advantage Of Choosing Facebook Promotion:

    • This is a Official Facebook approved method.
    • Through Facebook Promotion you can choose the location of your Followers.
    • Facebook Promotion lets you choose your audience gender.
    • The promotion campaign also lets you choose the audience age.
    • You get the real audience who are actually interested in your product/brand and Follow you page after seeing the ads.



    • Facebook Promotion is quite costlier but in the long run, it has some advantages too.

    #3. Should We buy Facebook Likes in Unauthorised Ways

    There are many agencies/website/Facebook groups who sell page likes.  In general, they sell 1000 likes for $5, This has few advantages and disadvantages too.

    Advantages of Buying Facebook Likes in Unauthorised Ways

    Its really cheap then that actual Facebook promotion, You get at least 10 times more followers.

    • This is only beneficial if you just want to show that you have a page with huge fan following

    Disadvantages Of Buying Facebook Likes In Unauthorised Ways

    • You will not be able to choose your audience location
    • No option to select the audience age
    • You can’t choose the gender of your audience
    • Most of the audience will be from Africa and Middle East countries who may have no actual interest in your product or business
    • Page Likes will only for showing the number of followers and will not increase your post reach
    • An uninterested audience will produce less interaction which will reduce your post reach.


    This guide briefly describes different methods of Facebook likes and gives you enough information so that you can decide which method to choose.

    After reading this guide you will have thorough knowledge of different Facebook promotion methods and the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of Facebook page promotion

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