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    How to Remove Last Name from Facebook in 2020

    There are various ways on how to remove last name on Facebook in 2020 and just have your first name. We are making this list to update you about the latest working methods in 2020. Please follow all the guidelines carefully serial wise, and you will be able to remove your last name from facebook without any problem.

    How to Remove Last Name From Facebook?

    For removing last name from Facebook you need to switch to Indonesian IP using a VPN or a Proxy as only Indonesian people are allowed to have single names on Facebook. To switch your network to Indonesia you can follow the following two methods:

    Method 1: Using Proxy Websites

    Using proxy websites is very common these days. People use this website for a variety of reasons to login to websites that are not allowed in their specific country. This is one of the most common ways and quite easy to implement. The steps to remove your last name from Facebook by using proxy websites are –

    1. The proxy website that we will be using for this process is
    2. We need to change the proxy settings in the browser, we will be showing the process for the Google Chrome browser, although it can be similarly done for any browser.
    3. Click on the hamburger button on the upper right section of Google Chrome
    4. Tap on settings
    5. Tap on Advanced settings
    6. Click on Change proxy settings
    7. A popup window will appear
    8. Click on LAN settings
    9. Use the checkbox saying use proxy server for LAN
    10. In this option, you need to fill in the address from one of the addresses on the proxy server list page
    11. We are using a proxy server for Indonesia and you need to take care of that. The reason for choosing Indonesia is that Indonesia allows only first name as your full name
    12. We need to click on account settings on Facebook by clicking on the arrow button on the top right corner
    13. You will see a language column and you need to select that option
    14. Change the language to Bahasa Indonesia
    15. Your Facebook version will now display everything in the Indonesian language, a disclaimer – it will be a little difficult for you to understand the options.
    16. You need to click on the arrow button again and select Pengaturan option which is basically settings
    17. Now you need to click on Sunting which will be present in front of Umum section
    18. A new window will open and you will have the option to remove your last name in front of Belakang section
    19. You must save the changes by clicking on Tenjau Perubahan
    20. Now you can finally change back your language settings by clicking on Bahasa option appearing in settings
    21. You will be required to click on Bahasa apakah yang ingin Anda gunakan saat membuka Facebook?
    22. The last step is to select English US as your language
    remove last name from facebook,facebook, How to Remove Last Name from Facebook in 2020

    Finally, you have removed your last name from FB. Now only your first name will be visible until you change your name again by going back to settings again.

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    Method 2: Using a VPN Service

    If you do not wish to use the option of changing the proxy settings in your computer, you can use the option of installing a VPN Service. VPN service basically does the same process just as changing your proxy server. The only difference is that all the settings are done without having to change the settings in the browser. This is more convenient than the first method.

    You can easily follow the following steps –

    1. The first step is to download a Google Chrome extension called unlimited free VPN – Hola
    2. After it is installed on your computer, you can click on the extension and start the process.
    3. You will see an option of country and you can click on the option and scroll down to Indonesia
    4. The Chrome extension will change the settings in your browser on its own and you can straightaway move towards following the steps in the last method
    5. You need to repeat the steps 12 to 22 listed above

    Finally, you have changed your full name to your single name on Facebook in 2020. You can choose any method above on How to remove the last name on Facebook in 2020.

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    Please do not recommend using Hola VPN, they’ll use your computer as an exit node (that is, other VPN users will use YOUR PC as a VPN server for whatever they want). Make sure to use a reputable proxy whether free or paid, often times free VPNs can be really sneaky.


    Thank you! I used Method 1 and it worked. The only problem is that the speed of your internet will get slower depending on the proxy address you use.


    why cant i find that hamburger buttoooooon???