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    How Facebook Makes Money from Users Like a Big Boss

    The Strangest Question that every one want to know is why Facebook Worth is More than $200 Billion and how Facebook Makes Money? But most of us not haven’t paid even a 1$ for Facebook account and how it earns more than 0.5 Billion a month from Users. Facebook don’t use any ads in it but Mark Zukerberg the Founder and CEO of Facebook made it a huge Brand of Like’s which made it more successful.

    facebook revenue

    Do you Know that, Facebook Handles a Huge Corporate World. Just check these few brand success made by the Facebook.

    • Star Bucks has lifted 38% by Facebook Feeds  
    • Ford the Auto Company Believe’s that when someone one likes you on fb it mean that they are more likely to Advocate you.
    • HSBC Bank Has Large Footprints in Europe and Asia Due to Facebook.
    • McDonald’s got more than 30 Million Likes and First Check in Marketer in the Year 2010.
    • NIKE Breaked Many Campaigns in Facebook before going to TV, Because it know where to shot its Market.
    • Disney Started Gaming Collaboration with Social Networking Giant.
    • Dell Made More than $ 10 Million by on Social Media.
    • Samsung is the First Brand which Buyed FB logout Page for its Samsung Galaxy S3
    • Nestle is the First Consumer’s Communication company.
    • The Fb Chrome Extensions is downloaded by more than 100k people every month.

    Many Brands around world want Targeted Audience. It has even more easier for this corporate companies to find they customer’s it got the users age, sex, living and his tastes from Facebook. They pay Facebook to Promote their brand or page.

    facebook money

    The posts which are targeted to Fans or Friends typically cost $5 Dollars for every 1000 People and for click on the site Avg of 1$ = 1 Click, when it comes to page click’s 1$ = 2 Clicks, these are the average stats of facebook promotions.

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