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    Empower LinkedIn Marketing with Five Proven Strategies

    For many B2B brands, LinkedIn seems to be a very effective and powerful social media marketing platform. It’s imperative to turn your brand’s profile into an exceptional contour to stand out from the crowd. According to a recent Regalix’s study, LinkedIn and Facebook are the most promising social platforms for paid placements.

    But what happens when competitive brands and marketers put their best to have the remarkable impact on social media? It reduces the possibilities of other profiles being ranked on top of search and thus, visibility goes down.

    In this post, we are going to discuss proven marketing principles which stay you ahead in 2018 and going forward. Stay tuned!


    #1 – Focus on Visual Media

    Marketers understand the impact of images. We are at the end of 2017 and it’s interesting to analyze 2017’s top marketing trends. Visuals were and surely will be among the top marketing tools in coming years.

    When you share a social media textual post, people will hardly remember 10% of the shared information three days later. But in the case of images, people can retain 60% of information down the line. Interesting? That’s the power of creative graphics and visuals, period.

    The concept is not new but marketers tend to repeat their mistakes – either they are not that creative in designing part which can locate them invincible or they use stock free images. An image on your social media page should excite visitors and play the role of a headline summarizing the overall story.

    BuzzFeed does exactly this – Celebrities topics perform really well due to the audience interest but they also bring real excitement with the help of visuals into their off-the-beat posts like the one below:

    linkedin marketing, Empower LinkedIn Marketing with Five Proven Strategies


    SITE123 website builder tool seems quite impressive with the selection of their images. Rather than using stock images, they prefer tailored image work.


    linkedin marketing, Empower LinkedIn Marketing with Five Proven Strategies


    According to the Hubspot study, visual content is shared 40 times more than other modes of content. Clearly, we can understand why 51% of B2B businesses prioritized the creation of visual assets in previous years and the trend will be continued in 2018.

    #2 – Hate Randomness, Appear Consistently

    Posting once in a while is a marketing disaster. Posting a link in the hope of getting tons of shares, likes and brand education will not do anything for you. You will have to show passionate willingness to get involved with the audience.

    According to one of the Content Marketing Institute’s study, Linkedin produces more B2B inquiries than any other social channel, then there is no point in missing the organic and paid marketing activities on the LinkedIn platform.

    Adobe utilized the platform to its extent. They raised the brand awareness and got the attention of the diversified range of marketers with LinkedIn sponsored leadership content. They opted LinkedIn publishing platform with the goal of reaching out an engaging and professional audience and we can see the results afterward:

    • Adobe has established itself as a leader in the world of digital marketing.
    • Marketers agree that Adobe can help optimizing their media spend.

    American International Group (AIG) is another lead example – they believed that in the competitive market like insurance sector, only highly targeted communication will cut through. AIG embraced the next generation LinkedIn solutions of InMail, display, and sponsored content.


    Results? Impressive!

    linkedin marketing, Empower LinkedIn Marketing with Five Proven Strategies

    CoSchedule believes that weekend days, Mondays and Friday have comparatively low engagement rate. Thus, Tuesday-to-Thursday midweek days are the ideal spot for best engagement rates. Though LinkedIn is for professionals, the best times for business posts are still before and after the work. According to their study, the peak time of reading and engagement is early morning 7-8AM, afternoon 12 PM and after the work, 5-6PM.

    Another post from Brian Edmondson at The Balance, matches with the data provided by CoSchedule. He found that LinkedIn generates most clicks and shares on Tuesday between 11 AM to 12 PM. On the other hand, the timings of 10 PM to 6 AM after Friday and before Monday do not bring any engagement.


    #3 – Don’t be Shy! From People to People

    We all love to hear personal experiences, stories, and suggestions. If people are not talking about you, social media feeds look like a robot system. Letting your employees contribute to your LinkedIn efforts brings a personal touch and turns it into a real brand people can rely upon.

    Nike does it right – they incorporate their employees’ experiences into their posts. Engineer Babu is another one talking about their co-founders, members, and sponsors.

    linkedin marketing, Empower LinkedIn Marketing with Five Proven Strategies

    #4 – Interaction with Followers

    Followers can significantly increase your engagement rate if you interact with them. Jewelry brands like Tanishq actively engage its followers by putting regular questions and quizzes.

    Interesting links under status update can get you hundreds to thousands of clicks to the Page you’re trying to promote. Besides links and images, you should also explore contest ideas to gain more followers and maybe inquiries.


    #5 – Feed Them the Useful Guides

    Content will be the undisputed king. Share the How-to Guides, free tricks, and useful information with the followers like the Hays does. Hays, the recruitment firm provides top-notch employment tips and guides to job hunters. Thus, they add more value to their profile and regularly win new followers.

    You ought to prove yourself as a thought leader in the industry and generating lots of valuable information is the key to gain trust, popularity and loyal followers.

    Over to You

    How did you market your brand on LinkedIn? Do you have any success story to share? Let us know in the comment area.

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