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    Creating an Email Marketing Campaign with the Right Use of Instagram

    Marketing techniques have highly evolved these days. The hyper-competitive world of business marketing today demand that market owners constantly stay alert to the latest developments in the world of marketing. One wrong move from your end can mean that you will have to let go of a vital chance and this can translate into massive losses for you and your business. In order to ensure that you do not miss out on any opportunity, you must adopt the latest marketing trends for your own marketing campaigns. One such marketing strategy that is used these days is by combining email marketing with Instagram. This method can help to boost your sales considerably if you are aware of how to use this method to your advantage. Incorporating images from Instagram to promote your products is a way, but it is essential that you know which type of images to upload. In this article, we will highlight to you the specific type of Instagram photos which you need to incorporate into your email marketing campaign to get more sales.


    Understand what exactly you are promoting through your email

    This is the first step towards proper image selection. You must decide what your emails are specifically trying to promote to your recipients. Are you trying to promote a new product, or special discount offers, or trying to promote your older products once again, or any special seasonal discounts, are you trying to promote a special cause, etc.? Knowing the particular goal and objective of your promotion can help a lot to streamline the images which need to be shared on your email marketing campaign. The process will comprise a long, detailed email where you will explain about the product, the purpose of your email, the particular benefits of using the product and then include thumbnails of images of that product from Instagram. The thumbnails will show how many people have already liked your products and how people have reacted to it. This will help to convince your email recipient that they too should try and use these products. Thus, depending upon the specific necessities and objectives, you must choose your images.


    1. Promoting a new product: When you are trying to promote a new product through your emails, always ensure that you upload those photos of the product from your Instagram page, which show the product both in its boxed form (straight from the manufacturer) and in its normal form after it has been unboxed. Upload images of the products from all angles. Choose the lighting carefully, in order to complement the colors of these products. Try to upload small videos on Instagram of these products being used. Explain in your email, how the product functions and what benefits it can provide to the user. And include photos which show the product being used when it was first designed. To give further information, you can include pictures of the designing and manufacturing process of this product also. These will suffice in convincing the recipient about the specifics of this new product because otherwise, he will have no idea about what this product is. Always remember to include a link to your business website with your emails, from where the recipients can make their purchases.


    1. Promoting special discount offers: If you are promoting any special discount offers, then the procedure needs to be tweaked a bit. Include photos which highlight the words “SALE” and “DISCOUNT” in bold. These will catch the eye of your recipients and hold their attention. Now, you need to upload photos of the specific products for which the discounts are available and list their pictures from your Instagram page in a specific order: the products which have the most discounts need to be displayed first, and the products with the most popularity need to show alongside it. Upload the best photos of these products and include pictures of past customers using these products also. You can get these photos from the customers themselves, by holding contests where they will be required to upload photos of them using your products by putting a unique hashtag and then you must feature them on your official Instagram page. This will make the email recipient convinced that your product is genuine and useful.


    1. Promoting older products: When you are promoting older products, upload only those images of your products which have got maximum reactions from your followers: like the most number of “Likes” and “Comments.” Follow this image with a photo of a model using your product. Here, you do not need to upload pictures of older customers using your products because the first picture already reflects the popularity of your product to the recipient.


    1. Promoting a seasonal sale: When a special discount or a seasonal sale is coming up, you must upload photos highlighting the special essence of that sale first. For instance, if you are promoting a special Christmas sale, then you must upload photos from Instagram that reflects the Christmas spirit with special red and white themes. Next, you must upload photos of the products which are most popular. Seasonal discounts are exciting because people mostly buy gifts for other people on these sales, so upload photos of your best and most popular products here. You must upload the images which beautifully complement your products. The colors, the angles have to be perfect here. Do not put photos of customers using your products here.


    1. Promoting a special cause: When you are promoting a sale for a special cause, you must upload the images of that cause: be at a special fundraiser, or an awareness campaign or a charity drive. You need to convince people that their money will be spent on a social cause.

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    Combining Instagram with email marketing can reap incredible benefits for your business. Hopefully, this article will have helped you understand how you can use Instagram.

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