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    7 Brilliant Ways to Teach Your Audience About Instagram

    Not everyone is as tech savvy as the millennial generations. There are elder people who are still not conversant with using not only modern electronic gadgets but also the numerous social media platforms available today. This is common even among individuals in most modern companies. You might assume that using social media platforms is common knowledge just because you are always logging in to your account, but it’s not. If you need to teach your audience may be in a company or just a group of people who need to learn how to use Instagram, here are seven tips you can teach that audience about Instagram. You might want to start with live hashtags update to keep them updated on new stuff.


    Setting up an Account

    First and foremost, your audience will have to set up their Instagram accounts. You will be required to help them download the app from the google play store, then take them through setting up their profiles, including setting up their usernames and their bio. Show them how to include their contacts and the links to their websites if they have any. Once their bio is set, you can move on to the next step.


    Posting Content

    Your audience should know that Instagram is an image-centric platform. It has now also improved to include videos and life stories. Teach them how to take Instagram photos, how to use filters and how to post them. Do not forget to show them how to include captions when posting these images. Captions add a whole new dimension to images as they tell the stories behind the images.


    Individual and Business Accounts

    Now that your audience is acquitted with the basics of Instagram, point out the differences between individual and business accounts. They can start with opening individual accounts first, learn the basics and then move on to business accounts. With an individual account, you can grow your account and become an influencer, while with a business account, you can market your brand, connect with other businesses and clients and increase your sales.


    Following and Getting Followers



    The essence of every Instagram account is following others and getting followed. You need to teach your audience how to entice followers so that they can increase the activity of their accounts. The easiest way to do this is to first ask your close friends with Instagram accounts to follow you and you follow them back. Show them how to post interesting photos and videos that other Instagram users can get attracted to and follow them.


    Liking and Commenting

    This is another basic skill that your audience needs to learn. New users should know how to interact with other Instagram users. Interacting involves liking and commenting on other people’s posts. It is vital if you want to increase your account’s activity that you follow up on comments and conversations that other users initiate on your posts or those that you initiate on others’ posts.


    Focusing on a Specific Niche

    Teach your audience how they should focus their attention on a specific audience. Yes, there are accounts that you can play around with and just post random stuff for the fun of it, but if you really want to get serious with your account and to have it as a brand, then you need to focus on a specific audience. If you are into health and fitness, then focus your attention on that.


    Tagging Other Users

    This another basic skill about Instagram that you need to teach your audience. Tagging involves linking your posts to other users so that they can be highlighted on their feed. This enables you to have your posts exposed to other users that are not your followers and hence get more followers. Know who to tag and who not to tag based on what your account is all about.

    There is a lot of other stuff that your audience will need to learn with time as they continue using their Instagram accounts. These are some of the basics that you can have them learn to get them going. Eventually, they should learn how to take and post videos, create Insta stories and a lot more aspects of Instagram.

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