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    6 Simple Ways To Instantly Jazz-up Your Instagram Feed

    If you wish to use keep your Instagram feed interesting, you ought to make the individual post keeping in mind the style of the account as a whole.

    The entire arrangement of the pictures and its lineups creates an impression on the people who visit your profile. This is equally important as editing the individual posts.

    jazz up instagram feed, 6 Simple Ways To Instantly Jazz-up Your Instagram Feed

    Even though you might be ready to put in a lot of effort, coming up with an interesting and cohesive feed is a tedious task and requires you to cross a lot of hurdles.

    There are lots of questions to be answered, like what color palette to choose, what kind of graphics and topography to use and such other details.

    Of course, it’s challenging, but the ROI is indeed great. You need to find and nail down the right impression. In that light, these 6 tips to jazz up your Instagram profile can be useful:


    Find Out Applicable Filters:

    The idea of a great Instagram feed is that all the pictures and tone of the feed remains constant. Thus in order to get that feel, you are required to pick a few filters and stick to them.

    You can also take another route and add just a touch of one particular filter in each image to keep the feed consistent. No matter what business you deal in since filters bring out a consistent look and feel, your clients can easily identify the post made by you.


    Brand Colors:

    While selecting the logo of the brand and designing the brand website, you must have selected a particular theme color for your brand right? Well, then use it in your Instagram posts too.

    It’s important that you pick a particular color and stick to it while creating posts on Instagram. Something similar is being done by The Drybar. The brand really spends a lot of time and effort to design their posts. They come up with unique ways to use the color yellow in their posts.

    The use of one particular color is again to attract customers. They should be able to tell that the picture belongs to your brand even before checking the content. Once you are successful in doing this, you can be assured of loyalty.

    Seeing the same style of pictures over and over again will make your customers habituated with the posts. Your posts will become a part of their daily routine.


    Color Blocked Theme:

    Though a theme color is advisable, while making different posts on a daily basis do not think that you have to stick to only one color. The best thing you can do is create different palettes so that you have different color schemes to work your way with.

    Do not worry about the consistency part, rotating colors does maintain the consistency of the brand color while giving the viewers a fresh break from the monotony.

    For instance, you can keep a few posts in the same color and then change the hue of a few posts gradually to show a subtle form of transition from one color to another.


    Select An Ideal Font:

    In addition to selecting a high-quality image plus color scheme for your Instagram post, you need to put in some work to select the ideal font size as well. A sophisticated topography is not necessary in most cases. If you are using the right tools then your image will pop anyway and help in building the consistency of the brand.

    You can make use of the free font sites available to select the right font size and the ideal arrangement of the post.


    Use Illustrations:

    There is no doubt that Instagram offers great tools, but sometimes, you need illustrations to go with your graphics. For instance, the Instagram feed of Starbucks is a great example of how illustrations can be used to jazz up the posts.

    jazz up instagram feed, 6 Simple Ways To Instantly Jazz-up Your Instagram Feed

    Though some of the illustrations used by the company act as accents, they make the picture quite expressive.


    Brand Templates:

    If your brand posts a lot of similar kinds of images, then a great Instagram idea would be to use templates. A brand template makes the entire process a bit easy, So the next time you want to create an Instagram quote, tips, motivational post, you can just use the brand template to make the entire editing process smooth.

    So knock yourselves out with these amazing Instagram jazz up ideas. Trust me, if you use these ideas well, your Instagram will function like never before!

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