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    5 Tips to Make Social Media Accounts Safe and Secured

    Social media are one of the most crucial parts of someone’s life and business. But due to lots of security attacks, managing and keeping the social media security is a hard job.

    And so, in this article, we are going to share some of the best technique to keep your social media accounts secure. The post is valid for all the social media accounts like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc. In the search engine also, quite frequently, you can find the queries like how to spy on someones snapchat or how to get access to someone’s Facebook account.

    5 Tips to Make Social Media Accounts Safe and Secured 1

    These search terms have huge search volume in the search engine that means many people are there who look for such kind of methods. These are not only unethical but also you are entering into someone’s privacy.

    So, you need to keep your account secure and safe. Let’s start and see the 5 bets ways using which you can keep your account secure.


    #1. Be Sure on Third-Party Apps

    This is the most important points one needs to take care of most of these applications ask for too many things. And while allowing access to these applications you need to review it without blindly allowing all kind of access. Sometimes, they even take access to post on your wall publicly. Although you can’t ignore it, you can change the setting. Like from the public, make it to only you so that if something will be posted also, no one else can see it.

    5 Tips to Make Social Media Accounts Safe and Secured 2


    #2. Complex Passwords

    There are tons of articles on the web asking you to keep your password strong and something which can’t be easily guessed. But still, a majority of the web hacking happens due to the weak passwords.

    Make sure you are not keeping your passwords same for all the accounts and also keep on changing those at some regular intervals. Also, use some combinations while selecting the password. If you are weak at taking the password, you can use a password manager to manage those.


    #3. 2-Factor Authentication

    Most of the social sites including Facebook, Google, Twitter offer you the two-way authentication to keep your account more secure. Just grab the opportunity to do so and keep your account more secure.

    Usually, this involves the combination of two types of authentication like one password and one OTP on your cell phone or email id. By this way, you will be assured for the security of your account as the probability of the OTP for hackers is very less.

    5 Tips to Make Social Media Accounts Safe and Secured 3


    #4. Check the Privacy & Security

    You should also keep auditing your privacy and security of your account. You can control whom you want to see your posts and whom not. You can avoid showing your details to all who are not added to your list. By this way also, you can keep your account and data safe.


    #5. Use Incognito Mode

    Whenever you are accessing your social media accounts from the public system or shared system, make sure to use the incognito mode in your browser. With this you won’t be tracked and also is something fishy is there in the browser, you won’t be the victim of that.




    These were the 5 best tips to keep your social media account secured and safe from all perspective. Make sure you are implementing these on your social accounts.

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    5 Tips to Make Social Media Accounts Safe and Secured 5
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