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    5 Killer Tinder Tips to Find a New Date and Get Hooked Up

    We have listed out 5 killer Tinder tips to find a new date for those who are still struggling to get more matches. Don’t mess up trying many tricks and tips as you may end up with zero matches. Before looking for a new date, remember Tinder is a casual dating app, not some hookup app. it’s important to follow certain Do’s and Don’ts. People blame for the tips to be not working. It’s just because they focus only the Do’s and forget what needs to be stopped to get more popularity.


    1. All-time tips to snap a perfect picture

    It’s important for you to know what goes well with you. Keep snapping to get matches. If you have started getting matches, then don’t stop by there, pursue with more snaps to find a perfect picture of yours and to get more matches ahead.

    It’s not only the look that attracts a girl but their certain things to be remembered while posing for a picture. Few photos mixed with head and waist shots.

    Instead of writing a caption about your likes and dislikes in your picture, try showing it off.

    Example – if you are adventures, click some outdoor pictures. If you love dogs, click the picture with your dog or if you own cars, show it off.

    The more you keep showing your interest and hobbies through your picture, the chances increase to make girls interested to know you more. Follow our link to find out more how to choose the best profile picture on Tinder.


    1. Bio

    It’s important to have a good bio that needs to be short and attractive. Stop writing lengthy information. An extended profile can make any girl swipe left.

    Avoid writing more about your family and background as no girls want to read your history.

    Write about something you are interested in like golfing or singing, which will give her little idea to ask you about it later.


    1. Have a killer opening

    The killer opening doesn’t mean you are asking for her dirty picture or you throwing nasty comments on her picture like “ can I see more picture of you in a pool .“ Only a few girls take it easy while a rest 90% girl knows to block you immediately.

    tinder tips

    A simple Hi or Hello won’t work to build a more conversation. Instead, try completing a sentence like “Hi! Nice pic – is that Chicago? I visited last year, and it was incredible. Any plans to visit again? .This shows you have something common to know and share that leads your conversation to another level.


    1. Be yourself

    When you start chatting with someone be yourself. Stop using cheesy lines which have been used by many guys. Not all girls will grin on your lines unless until she gets to know you completely.

    So stop using a message that can be easily copy/paste and forward. Be smart enough to know that the same line might have been sent to hundred other girls before you.

    So take an extra 45 seconds and send a message that makes some sense. And also I have seen many boys so curious that they keep sending messages unless they get a reply from girls. Have some patience and realize that even an average first message can still get a response from her.


    1. Meet quickly

    Don’t risk by keeping her wait for too much time as she might have started imagining of who you are and the real you will be a letdown.

    According to the recent research, it finds that 17 days from the first chat is ultimate. Plan a date and give your girl a chance to plan “what to wear on her first date with you “before she finds someone else.

    Hope the above 5 killer tips help you find a new date. You have anything to ask? Please don’t hesitate to contact, leave us your queries in the comments below.

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