Here is the ROM list for the Samsung Galaxy Y (S5360). All sources links are from xda.developer.com

Flash your device with caution, no one but you will be responsible


Custom ROMs


BroadcomCM (4.0.4)(CM9.1)

Hyperion (2.3)

CyanTUX Series (2.3.7)(CM7.2)

TouchWiz-Resurrection (2.3)(TW)

Reincarnation Rom Series  (2.3.7)(CM7.2)

Vivo (2.3.7)(CM7.2)

Ultimate Black (2.3)

Paranoid Android (4.0)(CM9)


Vivo (2.3.7)(CM7)

KitKat Smart (2.3.7)(CM7.2)(port)

MIUIv3 (2.3)(port)

Reincarnation Rom Series (2.3.7)(CM7.2)

CyanogenMod 7.2 Optimized (2.3)

CyanMobile eXperience (2.3.8)

PotatoCM (2.3.7)(CM7)

BroadcomCM (2.3.7)(CM7.2)

Zero.Fast.Build (2.3)

Zierex Rom Evolution (2.3)

JellyBread (2.3.7)(CM7)

PxL ROM (2.3)(CM7)

CDFuture (5.0)(Lollipop)


We will update this article with more ROMS when available, so keep checking and if you face any problem then you can comment below.

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