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    Zebronics Launches an Ultra Cheap Virtual Reality Headset for Rs. 1600

    After the arrival of Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and more Zebronics has also joined the virtual reality bandwagon with the launch of its ZEB-VR headset in the Indian market. The ZEB-VR is Priced at Rs 1,600 which is preety much ultra cheap as compared to its competitors, the virtual reality headset works with any smartphone and requires an app to in order to work with the device, you need to place your smartphone into the VR box to enjoy the immence 3D VR experience through its app. Currently it is only compatible with Android devices but in near future we might get update for the other mobile os.





    • Ultra-immersive motion sensing game experience
    • Focal length & pupil distance adjustable
    • Extra soft contact pad assure hours of gaming comfort
    • Powerful magnet trigger, compatible with google cardboard
    • More comfortable and durable, enough size for wearing glasses
    • Reserve perspective window for AR or camera shooting purpose
    • Experience the immersive VR game
    • Enjoy the 3D movies
    • 360º panoramic views live, games, video and images


    How to use?


    Zeb VR Headset Zebronics 3



    Visit Zebronics’s official Product page for more info regarding this VR Headset

    Zebronics Zeb-VR Product Page



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