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    Top 5 List of Affordable Gadgets you can Consider

    Courtesy of technology, our lives are much better, entertainment is now on another level. In short, life has changed. Because of the high entry of gadgets, there are some notable gadgets on the market; not very popular but they can change your life. Below are 5 affordable gadgets you should consider acquiring.

    1. Ampware Crankcase

    The biggest headache with any iPhone user is how long the battery charge will last. Any iPhone user will tell you that these smartphones are good, but the fast-draining batteries make us crazy. That’s why; many IPhone users are always carrying a charger. Likewise, restaurants are increasing the number of charging points, because that where every iPhone user want to stay. Luckily, there is a new gadget that every iPhone user will love -Ampware Crankcase

    Ampware Crankcase is a phone case designed for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. It has a lever at its back. When you fix it, just crank the level, and the case will start generating power for your smartphone. By just cranking for 5 minutes, you can get enough charge to run your phone for a whole hour. However, this gadget is only available for these two smartphones, which are some of the upcoming smartphones of 2016.


    2. Type-C USB Hub

    I know this one may sound funny, are you aware there is a new USB model on the market today? Most of us know a USB as the device we use to share and transfer files between smartphones and laptops. But there is something happening; we are now shifting from the normal USB to type C USB Hub. These new USBs are special in the following ways:

    • It’s slim, so maybe you will be using the same charging tool on all handheld devices.
    • It supports faster file transfer
    • It is revisable. So what does this mean to the user? Whether it is in the darkness, or you are so drunk to identify the end to the phone, with this one, you will effortlessly connect your device to charge.


    3. Ili Wearable translator

    Translation has now been taken to a whole new level. This wearable translator by a Japanese tech company is taking over the market. Imagine a device that will do translation within seconds and will give the translation feedback on a speaker. Additionally, it doesn’t require an Internet connection. Meaning when you are meeting a Chinese, Japanese or English friend, and you don’t understand any of the 3 languages, you will effortlessly engage with them since; you just have to translate it in your preferred language. This gadget can be of much help to tourist traveling to countries where these languages are spoken. At the moment, only three languages are being supported.


    4. Active Listening Earbuds

    This gadget is a perfect combination of innovation, convenience, and performance. These earbuds are made to help us solve some problems we have been facing, and they have been out of our control. Tell me have you been looking for earbuds that enable you to do the following:

    • When it’s raining, and you would want to hear that sound better, these earbuds will help you, or even the birds are singing in the morning, can be amplified.
    • You are in the office, and people are making a lot of noise, and there is laughter everywhere. Unfortunately, you don’t want to hear any of that noise. With these earbuds, you will switch to your silent world alone.
    • You are talking with your girlfriend in a club; however, you can’t hear anything because the music and noise are too high. With this gadget, you will fine-tune her and hear as if you are just the two of you in an island.
    • You are attending a live band, and something is missing, – the bass sound, with these earbuds, you will achieve that, but introducing some bass into your ears
    • These earbuds go beyond removing the background noise and allows you to have control of the sounds around you.


    5. Snakable

    If you have been frustrated by your iPhone charger because over time, the outer cover peels and you are left with bare wires, this is what you should get. What makes this charger unique is the make and design towards the end of it, where most chargers get damaged. So if you want a charger that doesn’t break, this one fits the bill.

    Above are gadgets that are made to solve some problems we have been facing every day, but they have always seemed to be out of our control. With any of these gadgets, I’m sure your life will improve.


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