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    Top 5 Best Projectors for Video Gamers in 2017

    With the growing technology, playing video games on a projector has become more interesting. In this post, we are going to discuss best gaming projectors available for game lovers. These projectors have high-resolution, high-definition screen and best sound quality. Their smart looks along with amazing features attract the users towards them. Advancements in the technology are not limited only to the gaming consoles. Although, in the past few years, gaming projectors and home theater projectors have become the first choice for the people. They have come up with prices that are affordable for the average consumer. Why need to turn into a small and flat screen TV when you are getting big screen projectors at your home for just a few dollars more?


    The Best Video Gaming Projectors:

    1. Acer H6510BD

    Acer H6510BD is a 1080p projector providing full HD 3D capability at a price less than $1,000. Its 3D capability at a low price is the reason why it is attracting the user’s eye towards itself. Its brightest image mode cranks out up to 2524 lumens. It has a long lamp life of 4,000 hrs in full power mode and up to 7,000 hrs in eco mode. It is highly portable and has 2W inbuilt speakers. It is a wireless projector and you can share data like movies and games without using wire. It has only user memory, and you can save only one group of settings. All the image modes in this projector cannot be altered. If you select any image mode and make the adjustment, the projector will add changes in the user memory where you have to make further changes.This is the only limitation of this projector.


    best projector for video gaming, Top 5 Best Projectors for Video Gamers in 2017


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    2. BenQ HT2150ST

    Make your room a gaming zone with BenQ HT2150ST. This projector is specially designed for game and movies. It will make you savor the cinematic experience at your home with your family and loving ones. It is one of the best gaming projectors available in the market. It has inbuilt two 10W speakers with sound quality and contrast ratio of 15,000:1. It provides the excellent color brightness with the 6x RGB color wheel. It has lamp life up to 7,000 hours and gives HD 1080p display screen. It is a portable device having the weight of 3.6kg. You can carry it, while traveling and can be used outside the open area.

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    3. Optoma HD27

    It is a small size projector and is ideal for playing games and watching live sport, movies on a big screen. You can connect your games console to play games with its low input latency. It has the brightness of 3200 lumens and HD 1080p display with 3D capability. It is a lightweight projector having weight less than 2.5kg and is easily portable. It provides you amazing sound quality with its inbuilt speakers and we are sure, you will love its smart and standard design. You can call it as a gaming projector too as it’s cool graphics and image clarity. It has 25,000:1 contrast ratio which is enough for the quality screen.,

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    4. Epson Home Cinema 640

    Epson home cinema 640 is a home theater projector having the lamp life of 6,000 hours in eco mode and 5,000 in full mode. It provides the full HD screen with the resolution of 1080p and contrast ratio of 10,000:1. Also, it has the brightness of 3,200 lumens, which is more than enough for a room. It will increase your interest in your game with its ultimate video quality and graphic features. 

    It provides the screen size of 300 inches and a password facility for security purpose. If you check the reviews, it has 3.5 rating stars. It does not have a high price tag and is affordable for people who are stuck to their budget.

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    5. Ogima BL20

    When you have a look at Ogima BL20, you will notice its size is slightly bigger than standard pico projector. It gives the full HD visual quality having the resolution of 1080p. It provides a 200-inch screen. It is compatible with your mobile phone, hard disk, computer system, laptop etc. It is a wireless projector and is easily portable. It has a standard and fancy look and design.

    It has amazing LED lights and the lamp life of 20,000 hours. The projector has some features than above-mentioned projectors. But if you check its price, it is providing many facilities at low rates.

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    While wrapping up this post, we hope that this post about best gaming projectors will helpful for you. We have mentioned the features of projectors, which explains the quality of the projector. Before buying a projector, you must keep in your mind to check its contrast ratio, lamp life, reliability, and screen resolution.

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